Illawarra District, Australia, November 01, 2015.
Life Carrier Orion.
Subject: “Matters of Faith and Revelation.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Life Carrier Spokesperson Orion: “It is said that a (psychic) medium can predict future events 100 times, be wrong 99 times and be right just once … a fluke … a coincidence. Nevertheless and remarkably so, he or she will be famous for having been precisely ‘on the mark’ just that one time. As Urantia is experiencing stress — political, economic and racial — a great number of individuals are clutching at the straws they hope will allow them to drag themselves to safety.

“From their nightmare fast-flowing river of anguish about future poverty, hunger and loss of freedom, they try to clamber up and onto the riverbank to safety. Before all else they want to know what the future holds. To ease their pain they will listen to what that medium has to say. They will even listen to what the one-hit-in-one-hundred medium has to say.

“Indeed, there are some who are blissfully unaware of what troubles their many brothers and sisters. They live from day to day, moment to moment, seemingly uncaring about anything in their lives being bound to change in any way.

“There are the many who live with sincere hope and trust — faith — that God, the universe or destiny will look after them to the very end. And then there are the few who have outlived faith. One might even call them faithless because their future no longer represents a hope or a wish that all will be well. They know all is well, always and in every way. They have proof absolute of life beyond their earth.

“So much for faith. Now the matter of revelation. Like the very flora and fauna that surrounds you, you are an evolutionary species, a product of our tedious trial and error or transportation. For you revelation is not generally counted beyond what your parents, siblings or teachers can reveal. Whatever you learn from others, in their revealing such previously unknown facts to you, may be classified as revelation of a kind.

“However, here now we speak of new knowledge that is to come not from the evolutionary species, but from the created: Angels, Midwayers and yes, Life Carriers. However, such is against the rules. As products of evolution you are known to become hardened in your determination to do right by the rules, the will of your God. In time, your struggles make you more dependable than those who were created and educated.

“However, my friend and brother, you have been dealt a mind and should you determine that certain unknowns are likely to logically be of one reality or another, there is a chance that confirmation may be considered. Would it require your Thought Adjuster’s approval? Yes, count on the Adjuster ever having the last word.

“And yes, there are always exceptions in our universes. Perhaps a population or even an individual arrives at a crossroads. In rare circumstances as in a matter of rescuing a situation threatening evolutionary progress, celestial knowledge might be provided.

“Still, do keep in mind that the general verdict over the centuries has been that those who set themselves up to provide ‘wholesale’ revelation may well harvest an unsound mind in the end. I am Orion, your brother in Christ. Adieu, my dear friend.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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