Alabama, US of A, October 8, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “How would you live?”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “How would you live your life if you were totally unafraid? Your many concerns would cease to exist. If you were not afraid of anything, you would neither waste your time nor squander your mental resources in thinking about bad things that might happen. If you were not afraid of failure all the ideas that come up in your imagination and in your heart would have a better chance of becoming a reality.

“How would you live if your life were to continue forever? If you imagined that your days would have no end, your impatience would have no reason to exist. You could enjoy the days of intense work as much as the times of deserved rest, without anxiety about not achieving anything. You could dedicate more effort to exploring the hidden treasures within your being and to hear the voice that constantly whispers to you about the best way forward.

“How would you live if you already possessed everything? You would choose your task and the services you provide to the world according to your aptitude and inclinations. You would understand that success is to greatly enjoy what you do. Your work, instead of being a source of stress, would become one of the factors that promote your mental stability and your health. You would change the struggle of competing with your siblings over the limited resources of this world to the communion of together exploring the wonders that life offers.

“How would you live if your celestial Father would always be with you? You would take advantage of His great knowledge and vast experience to live the best kind of life you could. You would take advantage of His great love for you and you would enjoy everything He has prepared for you; with the joy of knowing that it is your right as His beloved child. You would understand that in reality all creatures in the universe are your brothers and sisters, part of the same celestial family, in which every member travels their unique path in their own way and under their own terms, but with the understanding and the support of all, at the same time cooperating in the creation of a reality increasingly more true and beautiful.

“Fear is a lie created by your own mind as an answer to nonexistent threats. Your life can potentially be eternal, depending on your decisions and your will to become increasingly perfect. Everything you need to live a plentiful and dignified life has been given to you since the day of your birth. Finally, the Father is already inside you and He is constantly trying to share His being, His wisdom, and His unconditional love with you. So, if the conditions to be the best you can be are already present in your life, why are you still waiting to live a better and higher life?”

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