Mexico City, Mexico, June 11, 2016.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “To love God.”

Message received by Bettina.

Thought Adjuster: “What does it mean to love God? Some say they love God, but do not live like people who love God.

“When you love someone, you think about him or her, you care, invest time, listen, and you know he or she is there. So, if you love God, how can you express your love to Him?

“You need to express love, manifest it and live it. Your love for God is manifested in different ways.

“The first way is through your mind, when you consciously decide to devote thoughts to God to express to Him your love, to thank Him and to be with Him.

“The second way is through your acts. If you love God, you manifest it in various ways, whether you are aware about them or not. It is shown in the brightness of your eyes. It is shown in the smile toward your brothers and sisters. It is shown in your peace and caring disposition. It is shown in the faith with which you live your life.

“The third way is through the experiences of your faith — the trust you place in Him. It is when you live your life guided by Spirit, with absolute trust in Love. It is not possible to love and doubt, for love is absolute and unconditional. It is, or it is not. If someone loves the Father and trusts Him, he or she surrenders to His love and feels confident and protected.

“The fourth way to show your love to God is by loving yourself. God lives in you. You are His creation. You are His masterpiece. Why then would you treat badly yourself or another creation of the Father — someone He so loves? The love for the Father is manifested in your love for His children. And the son of the Father closer to you, with whom you spend your whole life, is yourself. How then should you treat yourself? How will you take care, protect, hear and understand yourself?

“Love God. Love Him deeply. Love Him and show Him your love by loving yourself and loving those who cross your path. That must be the meaning of your life: manifest the love of God in your own person and your kin.

“Everything else will be given to you in abundance. You have nothing to worry about. Instead, devote yourself to love God and your brothers and sisters with all your heart and with all your mind.”

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