Illawarra District, Australia, December 2, 2016.
The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: “All is Connected.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “There are rules, procedures and ‘recipes’ for getting anything done in our universes. There is order in which things are made ready for the end result to turn out as expected, every time, yes, virtually without exception. If one was to move away from essential procedure, there would likely be experienced failure in some way. In some cases unbelievable, age-long repercussions would ensue, because ultimately all is connected.

George explains: “Our longtime 11:11 Progress Group member, (T), suggests: (‘…life on Urantia would be a ‘cinch’ had it not been for Lucifer messing with the recipe for ‘honest universe management.’ Could it (Lucifer’s elimination) not have been done in another way, a faster, less painful, less costly way? Just why was he and his henchmen left alone for sooooo long to carry on with their depraved ways? As it is, my life is tough. I . . . hurt!’)

The Scribe: “I understand. Every aspect of ‘universe management’ has a set and scheduled way of being brought about. At any time before His having served as a human among His own creation, your beloved Michael did not have the right to replace the rebel, Lucifer, or do anything much against the Lanonandek Son, for such would have created even greater difficulties than you are faced with today. Others, with the capability, offered to punish the wayward System Sovereign, but Michael hoped to one day persuade him to change his evil ways.

“But time-space worlds of rebellion are the evolutionary hothouses — the super-growth centers — for the decisive ones that are the greatest contributors to the Paradise-battalions that will one day serve the Father in his deep space universes. Already now many are looking back on their miserable rebel world existances that gave them the stamina to persevere. Consider the most envious Paradise Sons who know that such beginnings and such future lives will forever remain outside of their reach of serving the Creator-Father.

“Bear up, my child, terrestrial life is but a day’s work, and you will know a time when the Father will likely say to you, ‘You did well, my only daughter. I am sooooo very proud of you!’”

“I am the Scribe. Always count on me.”

USA, December 5.
Dearest Scribe and dearest George. I’m overwhelmed and in a flood of tears. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
You are the truest of Healers.

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