Urantia, March 27, 2013.
The Beloved One.
Subject: “Be Strong.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Dear one, on this auspicious day, while the majority in this world ‘sleeps on’, you are reminded of the time when a young man spent this day with God in the hills surrounding Jerusalem. As had been the custom during the preceding years of His walking with the apostles, bringing the Good News of salvation to the Jewish people, Jesus and the apostles used the Wednesday as their day away from teaching and preaching the good News about the Fatherhood of God and His salvation. In this way they could refresh themselves whilst visiting family and meditating about what they had learned. This day would be the last free day of the Master’s life on earth pending His crucifixion. He well knew that His life would soon end, and He knew of the plans of the rulers of Israel, who had rejected His message of mercy and grace, as well as the reality of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.

“The reason why I use this story in illustrating my message to you today, is that with the coming changes the people on earth are again reminded of how they can learn to be strong by turning within and learning to commune with the God of their being. It would be a most useful exercise to engage in, as strong characters are needed to be able during the coming times to weather the storms, inside and out. People need to realize what this life is all about, that it is not only about good food and entertainment, but that there is a great deal more. The inner life is hungry and clamoring to be fed and taken notice of. When will people wake up to the fact that there is more to life than just making money? Adjust your lives to your needs rather than wants. This commercialism has run out of hand. Take a breather once a week and start your inner journey to educate and reinforce this with daily periods of Stillness to commune with your Thought Adjuster Gifts from God, your Guides within.

“Dark clouds are moving in over the horizon. Prepare yourself to stand and be strong in the storms which are surely coming upon you all. No one will be exempted. Earth needs to be balanced and she will do her utmost best to regain that balance, even if it takes hundreds of thousands of years. This is truly meant as a warning from the celestial world. Remember or inform yourselves how Jerusalem was left desolate, as Jesus had predicted when they made ready to reject the Son of God and the Son of Man as well as His soul-saving message. All who have ears to hear and eyes to see, let them heed this message so they have time to become strong in their faith and belief in an unconditional loving and merciful Creator God!

“What are you waiting for? The change that needs to happen starts within each one of you.”

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