Illawarra District, Australia, September 30, 2013.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “The ‘Dearth’ of Revelation.”

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “The very first thing that I wish to remind you of is that you are an evolutionary being in that as a general universal rule you are not entitled to revelationary material. As a product of evolution you are meant to grow into knowledge and wisdom by personal effort. So it is for the individual, for the family, for a nation, and in fact for an entire planet. Long ago it was determined that force-feeding information to those that are not yet ready can be counter productive.

“Still, as with almost anything, there can be exceptions. Should it be considered to be important for a certain individual to be apprised of some fact or other, the Thought Adjuster of this individual may well allow for certain revelationary information to be revealed.

“An exception may apply where a deep thinking individual has drawn a provisional conclusion, and in such a case confirmation may perhaps be allowed to be given. At times, for reasons of safety, or needed progress, certain revelations may be authorized.

“In any and all these circumstances it is in some way up to the Father – of course meaning the Thought Adjuster – to sign off on what is to be revealed. The real strength of an evolutionary ‘upbringing’ lies in the fact that you have free will. From moment to moment it is you who determines the path you will take – positive or negative, slothful or caring, cautious or careless. Yet despite the fact that the time-space worlds are run like clockwork, there’s human fickleness.

Adjustment is the catchword in the management of time-space procedures. Frequently the flow of events is tweaked to account for unexpected happenings, mostly due to your (human) ‘mercurial minds and fancy footwork’. Rarely do these events require some small matter of urgently relayed revelation, but it does happen. There may eventuate a need to know, a need to be forewarned, or a situation where personal revelation is fully deserved, perhaps critical.

“These are the primary reasons for revelation to be shared out when needed. However, apart from you loving your God, and equally loving your fellow man, there is a third requirement on planets where a visible spiritual hierarchy is lacking. That requirement is blind Faith. Blind faith is that precious ability on Urantia – the utter trust in God that all is well – which allows your citizens-pilgrims to attain great heights in the attainment of most responsible positions.

“What would happen to faith if revelation were to be supplied on demand? Consider. The suggestion that we keep you dumb by short-changing you on revelation, so as to make us appear smarter, is incorrect as well as mischievous. (Laughter – a short break). Aaron and I leave you our love.”

George: “Thank you both.”

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