Chicago, US of A, April 3, 2013.
Teacher Hezekiah.
Subject: “Being Considerate.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Hezekiah “Being considerate to others is a spiritual principle that allows us to practice selflessness. It is important for the individual to adequately love him- or herself. As for receiving love, it is enough for you to know that no matter your circumstances, you are loved by the Father of All far beyond the maximum of your capacity to experience His love. Therefore, by being unconcerned about your being loved, you are free to concentrate on loving others. One specific way of showing your love to others is by being considerate to fellow human beings, and by genuinely promoting their well-being, rather than your own welfare.

“On this issue, let us first define what is meant by genuine consideration for others. As a starting point, consider the olden Commandment: ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ Our Master, Christ Michael, when on Urantia, recognized the value of this principle, but he accentuated its significance when referring to our love for others. According to Him, to love others as you love yourself is good; but, knowing that our love for our selves is indeed imperfect, he said: ‘Love one another as I loved you.’ He thereby put his unconditional, perfect love as the supreme reference for our love for our neighbors.

“There is a difference between the consideration we give others and the consideration we give ourselves. Could you be so considerate to others that you forget to consider yourself? Logically, you must consider yourself so you can adequately be considerate of others. Remember, humility does not mean neglect of your person in order to serve others, rather it means taking good care of yourself so you can likewise take good care of others. The help you can offer others would clearly be compromised if you yourself would need more help.

“Being considerate to others entails ‘two parts and one connection’. The parts are You and the Other; the connection is the Service. If the purpose in this relationship is the aggrandizing of any Self, be it either for your vainglory or for the other’s adulation, surely that would be a bad relationship, because neither should be concerned with its own aggrandizement. When you are concerned with the self you waste energy that should be employed in service. Focus on service will result in satisfaction for you and real help to the other. Put the self aside. Concentrate on service. Show real consideration.

“So, my dear, one must find the equilibrium between caring for oneself and caring for others. The self does not need aggrandizement; your soul needs to be spiritually nourished, just like your physical body. However the aim of this nourishment should be that of being able to help others. Ministry, not aggrandizement should be your goal. Help others grow and you will likewise grow in the process. Your life has meaning when it becomes meaningful to others, because love attracts love. I am Hezekiah, your Teacher also. Ponder these words and let them be true in you. Peace to all.”

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