Chicago, US of A, August 2, 2013.
Teacher: Life Carrier Orion.
Subject: “Eugenic Procreation.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Orion: “Procreation is highly thought of in human society, and motherhood on Urantia is ‘by all means’ sacred. The reason for this is the mystery by which the reproduction process long appeared enshrouded to the mind of primitive man. Giving birth was seen as a miracle – a deed by the Gods. As a result, reproduction is generally held in high regard by all peoples of Urantia, whilst in fact, reproduction is a biological event present in all living beings on your world, and there is nothing supernatural about its purpose, per se. Simply put, to serve the evolutionary process this is how life was conceived on Urantia. In time, as civilization and its culture evolve on your world, reproduction will mostly be seen as a procreative function of the human species, rather than an extra-ordinary process, and it will have less of an emotional meaning attached to it. Indeed, procreation will always be valued, but in the future it will mostly be seen as a means to improve your best human strains for the betterment of the human race as a whole, through the increasing knowledge you are now acquiring about genetic manipulation.

“The embryonic form of this realization is already present in the most advanced societies on Urantia, as many already understand that procreation and parenthood are, in fact two different things. Adoption and alternative fertilization has given many people the opportunity to be parents without being the conceivers/reproducers. Today’s procreation process has already been manipulated to provide the otherwise impossibility of parenthood. In your future, it will be manipulated to improve the racial human stocks, as already postulated by your budding eugenics of today. It is not an easy road to travel, and you will live with the increasing impoverishment of your good strains for some time yet, before they can begin to be improved by science. Even a possible second racial uplifting from stocks outside-Urantia may be possible.

“As your knowledge of the fifth revelation records will increasingly be taken seriously by opinion-shapers on your world, the more you can learn from insights therein on how to preserve and improve your best human strains by simply controlling reproduction of classified stocks. There you can also find specific intimations that Science can greatly increase the physical, the senses of vision, and hearing. Genetics, although crudely so, is already modifying your crops. One day, when better understood, it will safely improve your generations to come. All this will certainly meet with resistance of some anti-science religionists, but increasingly scientific progress on your world will drag such old-fashioned-thinkers towards a future in which they will remain a forlorn minority.

“In your advanced societies you have increasingly enjoyed longer lifetimes, through the adoption of preventive measures against diseases, global vaccinations, sanitation of the environment and advances in medicine. These improvements are the signs of ‘the golden age’ announced in your olden records of a world in which someone who dies at 100 years of age will be considered to still be young. Progress will become easier if your religionists especially allow themselves to be more open to the achievements of true science. Science and Religion deal with different dimensions of reality, the former with its physical laws, and the latter with its spiritual laws. Both must keep their independence, so they can benefit civilization as a whole. I am a Life-Carrier, therefore largely more interested in the progress of both your biological and cultural evolution. Hopefully you will not destroy yourselves with your endless wars. Peace be with you.”

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