Bacolod City, Philippines, April 2, 2018.
Teacher: Midwayer Thomas.
Subject; “Towards the Attunement with the Spirit Within.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Midwayer Thomas: “Communication with your Spirit Within is not an easy accomplishment. Urantians are rather dominated by the material energies — rather than the spiritual ones — due the incomplete upstepping of the first and second bestowals. Besides, the spiritual consciousness on your planet is still very low, although improved after Christ Michael’s Bestowal and the ample distribution of the Spirit of Truth and the Adjusters. Superior spiritual attunement is not only necessary for the satisfactory reception of your Adjuster’s leading as well as the putting in place of those conditions that may make possible the spiritual fusion with Him, even here on Urantia. Upon your request, I will mention three elements that can contribute to reaching this desirable readiness.”

1) Real Purity
“The main obstacle to attaining that communion with your Adjuster is the lack of spiritual commonness as the basis for a good communication. Your Spirit Within’s essence is a pure spirit from the highest quality (Father’s) that may be found in all universes. Your spirituality comes from His ministration to your soul (your morontia self) and from the steadfast determination of your Human Self doing the will of the Father. If your determination in doing the will of the Father is not dominant over your Self, your soul will not mature enough to receive and exercise spiritual control over your life. A spiritual craving for doing the will of God is the first and foremost requisite to actualize spiritual commonness with your Adjuster.”

2) Effective Stillness
“Stillness is that meditative state acquired by the effective subjugation of your thought activity. It helps you to control your thoughts activity by subduing them with spiritual focalization. You have several spiritual sources in and with you; therefore, stillness is your attempt to focus on these spiritual resources (especially the Adjuster) and receive from them spiritual nourishment. By constant practice, you may be able to experience not only that spiritual calmness but also open the spiritual channels that allow you to communicate with beings in extra-physical dimensions: midwayers, morontia teachers (even the spiritual ones), angels and other spirit beings. To some, stillness is easier than it is to others, due to practice as well as to better hereditary strains, that is, those from the Nodite Bestowal and from the Adamic Bestowal.”

3) Actual Implementation
“Consecration (resolve) to do the will of God is essential for a better communication with your Adjuster. But doing the will of God is not only a mental or psychological decision. When the Spirit Within conveys to you the realization of the will of the Father, you ought to do it — follow through. It’s terribly detrimental to your spiritual development to indulge yourself in good decisions and not follow them trough. Let your actions match the perfect leading of the Spirit Within. When this does not happen, the whole situation may become a grievous experience for your Adjuster, that is, to notice that His or Her efforts in spiritualizing you are not being taken seriously.

“Therefore my friend, here they are: three elements that will help you achieve better communication and communion with your Adjuster that lives within your mind. Interestingly, the Adjuster never stops communicating with you, always and ever sending out those leadings that portray to you the will of God. However, even His attempts to impress your consciousness through dreams and visions are most often distorted by your own thought interference. Stillness, supported by consecration and ready execution of the will of the Father will prove to be a better situation for you to realize and apply the spiritual leadings of your Spirit Within and, eventually, to obtain Adjuster attunement. I am your midwayer friend of long ago, Thomas, very happy to attend to your call.”

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