Illawarra District, Australia, October 28, 2014.
Midwayer Thuroc the Entertainer.
Subject: “Our World Today.”
(a shortened satirical private discussion).

Received by George Barnard.

Thuroc: “This is Midwayer Thuroc and his beloved consort Rihte. What is this you say? Let me stop you short right there my misinformed friend; there is nothing wrong with my world … perhaps with your world … but no, all seems well with our world.

“OK, there are a few niggly bits here and there to frustrate us all. Like a few dead and dying brothers and sisters, and their children, their half-blind elders, and second cousins twice removed who cannot find enough to eat because our Departments of Offense, drats, Defence I mean, pump our money into weapons manufacture … Still though, that’s all part of the New Game Plan. So perhaps that’s OK?

“Admittedly, there exist a few difficulties with the ostensible equality of all mortal souls upon this planet. There seems to be an enormous amount of that equality for a certain few members of the population we might call the Influentials. Very little of that equality for the largest part of the population we might call the Trivial — the inconsequential and losers. Might passing the hat around solve that minor difficulty?

“Granted some of our plans have not come together and now our ‘Western Dreams’ have gotten lost. Still, my friends, we owed the East all our manufacture and ounce-by-precious-ounce we owed them our gold as well. And so as half of us were no longer needed to labor and as the other half was delighted to support us, we exchanged with the East the dream we had for the nightmare we’ve created. A fair thing, one might say!

“I have not even begun, my human friends, and already I’m being signaled that I’m going too far with my ‘entertainment.’ Suffice it to say, on our departing from your most courteous company that a new time has arrived where good is bad and bad is good on this World of Divided States. Where history is cautiously considered and re-invented to please the short-lived Influentials of the moment and where all others may live their proclaimed untruths.

“Indeed my trusted friends on a world where truth makes lies and lies make truth. Where your banners will be packed away and only false flags fly. Yet, where you will one day climb out of your sandboxes. Where you must then leave your kindergartens and enter the grown-up world. Where all will acknowledge the worth of Michael’s Correcting Time and peace and prosperity will reign till Light and Life.

“I am Thuroc, deeply besotted with my partner (Rihte), and thanking you lovelies for not once having tried to silence me. We leave you our love and we are away.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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