Urantia, September 17, 2012.
The Beloved One.
Subject: “Are You Ready?”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “I note that you are surprised by my planning to speak about this subject. It is just a little surprise I like to spring on you from time to time, just for you to learn of the depth of your listening skills. I am happy to report that your inward listening skills are improving. I added the word ‘inward’, it being the most important part. It is from within that true guidance comes, never to steer you in the wrong direction.

“Even by listening within, you have been most surprised as so often your carefully laid plans for the day suddenly took a totally different turn. It left you baffled, and at the same time delightfully surprised, as you, by listening within, allowed the God of your being, to reorganize your day for you.

“And so it shall be with all of my children who elect more seriously to listen within, and to be ready for whatever insights they might obtain, or whichever needed lesson they might learn for just that moment in time. And so, opportunities arise which might otherwise not have had their day. By being ready for unexpected things, spontaneity has a chance to function under heavenly guidance and situations can and do arise where you can do the greatest good just by being in the right place at the right time. This is guidance at its best.

“This is how the universal Creator can fulfill His divine plan hidden in each one of you. These for-now-hidden gifts can already have their chances to develop during mortal life, but only through the readiness of the recipient. On the one hand everyone is saddled with aspects of mediocrity, but on the other hand genius is self-created. It always depends on the readiness of the mortal.

“This is why I repeated: ‘Are you ready?’ For in your readiness you show me that you are willing to delve deeper into your potentials and I reiterate that age makes no difference. Awakening to a higher level of existence can happen at either a very early age or any later time during life, even at a much advantaged age in mortal life. Time is totally immaterial to the eternal Creator God.

“It is always the now moment that counts. Therefore, it behooves you to always be ready for the unexpected moments in life. Be on the look-out for opportunities to be of service to the eternal One. He gave you this precious life with its many opportunities to grow and advance your soul by living life in truth, beauty and goodness, all the while becoming increasingly conscious about from whence all blessings flow. In this way your readiness will increase to be in service to the One, in praise, love and gratitude for all blessed opportunities to become an immortal being, which is the very purpose of life.”

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