Chicago, US of A, June 10, 2013.
Teacher: The Spirit Within.
Subject: “I Forget Nothing” (a personal message).

Received by Valdir Soares.

The Spirit Within: “I have not stopped working with you, or within you. Working with you is my all-important mission, and it brings me the greatest of expectations: My becoming one with you. I have worked with you to perfection, but your perception and understanding of such spiritual work is still far from perfect. My work with you is not at all intended to make your earthly life easier. Rather, my work is to make your life real and effective for you to accomplish our ultimate goal: To stand before the Father of all, as you repeatedly have announced this to be the ultimate desire of your existence.

“I have not forgotten any of your spiritual prayers, even those you have already forgotten – I have not. Some of these prayers have already been answered, others are in the process of being answered, and a few of them are still to receive the proper answer. Do not get discouraged. I have not forgotten anything about you.

“I will give you more visions and visualization of your future life on the Mansion Worlds. These visions will even more cause for you to desire to depart from Urantia, but be patient for now, as I will utilize every minute of your time here to prepare you for the life awaiting you up there. You are not afraid, I know; you are anxious, I see. However, you have unfinished issues to deal with; concentrate on them, so we can move forward with my plan for your life.

“I miss nothing; at no time do I fail, and I remember everything. You, on other hand, are a work in progress. Cooperate with me: Less thinking, more action; give more substance to your beliefs, and act upon them, so you will progress even more. I am not harping on the subject when I say it again: I love you, my child, and you have my undivided devotion. Work with me because my promise to you always remains: ‘I will take you there’.”

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