Asheville, NC, US of A, October 1, 2017.
Teacher: Ophelius.
Subject: “The System for Spiritual Growth.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today, dear students on the path, we would like to explore the idea of bringing together all your spiritual resources into a ‘system’ using your Indwelling Spirit of the Father, your Thought Adjuster (TA), as a spiritual hub to connect you with any deity, guide, ascended master, guardian angel, arch angel, teacher, friend, or loved one — here or hereafter. Since all minds are a part of the One Universal Mind, there is no greater way to connect than to ask your Spiritual Operator to make that connection for you.

“We have in prior messages given you this metaphor using your TA as the ‘Sun-like Center’ having all your resources in orbit around this ‘Central Sun.’ This is a natural structure in the universes and its pattern is found at all levels of creation from the great galactic mother wheels of stars and planets to the tiny atom with its sub-atomic particles orbiting around it. Your relationships in life can be viewed this way also — having lovers, friends, and family, in varying orbits around your heart — some in closer orbits and others further away.

“Whether you realize it or not, when you make a connection to deity, your guides, angels, or teachers, this is the path to that connection. The TA is always the Operator who coordinates and directs all your mind to mind connections, prayers, and other petitions. So, the question you might ask is: ‘Does it matter that I use this pattern of thinking when making a spiritual connection?’ Your prayers, petitions, and your ability to reach a spiritual resource will still be available to you with or without this structure in mind, but it will none the less happen that way. Using this structure of thought helps you to build a vital relationship with your God Fragment and it is this most intimate and personal connection you have with the Creator that is the key to all life and ascension (perfection attainment) here and hereafter.

“If your spiritual growth and personality maturity in life was to be plotted on a curve, it might look something like a gentle slope upward, but when you establish a real personal and working relationship with your TA, that curve takes on an accelerated uptick in slope and with it brings a wealth of awareness and spiritual powers. There are many of you reading this message who have reached a plateau and are asking, ‘what’s next for me?’ This is your next step in achieving your succeeding Psychic Circles in human personality potentiality.

“Now, my dear students, you may be imagining this system of Sun and planets in your mind and observing it from afar like looking at it from a map, but to truly make your relationship with your TA real, I suggest you move your vantage point into the center of this blazing star looking outward toward all your orbits. It is said by your scientists that within the heart of a star there is ‘fusion reaction’ with its elements and it is this fusion that creates the heat and light of the star. So too, when you bring yourself into the heart of your TA, you begin this fusion reaction which brings warmth, light, and love to all those relationships in your orbit. Later in your career, when this relationship reaches a pinnacle, you shall fuse with your TA and become a new and undeniable eternal being in the family of God.

“I have an exercise for you that may help you understand this most intimate relationship with your TA. Before you begin any meditation, stillness, petition or prayer, center yourself and slowly speak these two words in repetition: I AM, I AM, I AM … These two words bring together the personal and the impersonal — the created and the Creator. ‘I’ (you) and I AM (First Cause — Creator). You are speaking in the first person and from within the unity of the First Cause. You may notice an uncanny feeling of a blurred identity when saying these words. You get a sense or foretaste of what it is like to be fused with the Creator — to be One with all things.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

Receiver’s note: The picture I was given when the Teacher was speaking of a graph looked something like this:

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