Oregon, USA, July 14, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Forever Yours, Unless…”.

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “I operate in various capacities in your mind — be it as a rookie Thought Monitor, a more hand-on Thought Adjuster, or a freelancer Thought Controller. I hailed from Paradise to indwell you at the celebratory event of your first moral decision, and I shall remain with you forever — unless you intentionally kick Me out.

As you diligently honor our daily dates, you will notice that I expand My outreach to your ‘heart-quarters,’ winning you over to turn our association into a forever-after love story.

You praise Me for the truth, beauty, and goodness freely provided to you from on high, whereas I am grateful for what you are making out of it — the wise investment and safekeeping of such a generous trust fund.

‘Trust’ is the keyword here. I have vouched for you since you were a mere gestational thoughtform in the Father’s mind. The more you get to know Me and dispel unfounded fears that prevent you from taking a momentous leap of faith in My wide-open heart, the more I get involved in your life.

Faith and trust are the optimal breeding ground for the emergence of love because they are devoid of the toxic element of fear.

I converse simultaneously with your mind and heart — a fact many of you fail to acknowledge, thus missing out on many of My prompts. My ultimate goal is to fully vitalize your emotional heart — the core of your beingness.

Your heart senses and reacts. As you diligently nurture our sublime connection, anticipate that our encounters will eventually culminate in emotional fireworks. It is how you will experience My indwelling presence, and its blissful manifestation will leave you speechless. Lovers ecstatically relish each other’s company. Words become superfluous in the communion of souls. This magic spell puts soulmates in a divine trance they hope will never end.”

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