Illawarra District, Australia, June 10, 2016.
Midwayer Mathew (33-3-33).
The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).

Subject: “Like a Tiny Flint and Evermore Greater Surprises.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Mathew: “I greet you, my brother in Christ Michael’s service. Officially I am here to announce that the Scribe wishes to converse with you. Unofficially I am to explain that the 11:11 tribe all miss you as much as you miss them. However, I am to explain that the critical times, noted to a threesome in Rockford Bay, Idaho in 2000 is both nigh, as well as unavoidable.”

George: “Your English is so much better now . . . unless it’s mine that has improved.”

Mathew: “Please, all jokes aside, I have little enough time to bring you greeting from Midwayer leaders, ABC-22, from Brusquement or Brusque and from the one you know as Mongo-Zulu (MNO-?). With the latter’s contingent the Chinese are seen to, whilst with the former (Brusque), the white Russians are being trained. That is all of my message. Over to the illustrious Scribe. Adieu, mon ami.”

The Scribe: “Thank you, my footsoldier, for introducing me once again. It is now my turn to speak to the one who likes knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Today I wish to speak about accumulating knowledge from a spirit’s point of view and I will shortly give you the Scribe’s life, my own life and duties, as an example.

“It is understood by you that on Paradise time is utterly irrelevant in the sense that both past and future can be experienced. Thought Adjusters (TAs), although perfect in every respect, are not initially privy to much of what ‘eternity’ can foresee. Thought Ajusters, all starting at the Virgin stage, must earn their ‘stripes.’ That’s how it goes for those who accompany the children of time to their destination — Paradise for those who are meant to go there.

“Experiencing all lives of all of His subjects is something the Master Architect of all Heavens and Earths can fully absorb and make these His own. By comparison, His capacity leaves me ‘way down on the ground,’ but I can converse with thousands of TAs of people who will be notable decision makers in times to come — when the chips are down — when critical times are coming. For that time to come I was created, like a tiny flint long ago struck from the Parent Rock, to serve on my most recent planet of evermore greater surprises.

“Do see to it that you get your required hours of sleep. I am Sananda, the Scribe, call on me whenever you need me and I shall be there, my dear human friend. Adieu.”

Receiver’s Notes: For those who are new to this 11:11 Progress List: Midwayer Mathew (33-3-33) is a planetary helper from another world assisting us at an important time in our history.

The Damascus Scribe (Sananda) is the Gift from God who indwelt Machiventa Melchizedek during his time on earth as well as Jesus the Christ during His seventh and ultimate bestowal.

Edited by Linda Abell.

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