Alabama, US of A, January 25, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Communication With Your Father is Possible.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Don’t let the untruths of the world envelop you. Within your being you already know what is best. Follow your intuition and your intelligence — increasingly englightened by the wisdom of your soul — will constantly be growing.

“Have you forgotten that I am always available to you? It is My job to give you everything you need for your spiritual progress and when you come to Me your soul is nurtured and it grows a little more. Each time you focus your attention on your Divine Spark you get something in return.

“How about a reminder of some things we talked about in the past? The divine influence — the possibility of conversing with your Father — is available to all. It is not a conversation in the traditional sense, in which your personality communicates with a third person. It is rather an internal communication, because the presence of the Father is a part of your being, that will be fused with you in eternity, thus forming a new perfected being.

“How might you converse with your divine self — your inner Teacher? There is a plethora of ways. One is by writing — as your are doing now — focusing your intent on drawing the best from your thoughts and your wisdom. Another way is simulating a dialog, where you can pronounce the words or do it mentally. Almost all mortals have experieced this internal dialog in some fashion. Another way to receive answers from the Father is by asking — praying — and waiting. A question to the Father never remains unanswered. The realizations that are placed in your mind by your Tought Adjuster may become available to you when you read a book, or hear some particular words. Then you will feel as if your are ‘remembering’ something, but in reality it would be an idea that was placed in your mind by the Divine Presence.

“Maybe you will not be able to experience a direct conversation, but the communication with the Father is possible and it occurs only when His children desire it. With practice you will learn to better identify these messages, making the communication more effective. Again, this is avaliable for all human beings with a normal mind. Every one of you reading these worlds is able of communicating with your Celestial Father.

“Are there limits about the subjects for conversation? There are no limits. An understanding parent never denies answers to the questions of his children, even when they appear foolish from the point of view of a higher wisdom. However, some answers will necessarily have to wait until the experiences of life have readied your mind to understand.

“It is in the mortal mind where all the experiences are consolidated and where reality is established. If you believe that you can talk with your Father you open yourself to that possibility and you will create that reality in your life. Remember the attributes of your Father. All His messages will be expressions of love, with the attributes of truth, beauty and goodness. His words are universal and His advice applicable to all beings in all worlds. Nothing selfish or deceiving may come from your Father. This is the key to not being deceived by the frequent selfish impulses of your mortal mind.

“Truth, Beauty and Goodness are the attributes of everything that comes from the Creator. They will also be the attributes of all the expressions of your being in eternity once you have overcome all trials and left behind all confusion, for you have committed yourself to perfection and love.”

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