Illawarra District, Australia, June 3, 2015.
Cherubim “I’ll be Frank” and Alice.
Subject: “In Retrospect” (partial transmission only).

Message received by George Barnard.

Frank: “Between us — Alice and I — the likes of Primary Midwayer, Andrea and Midwayer Mathew, we have a great opportunity to converse with you, just you on this occasion. Each of us celestials has sufficient lattitude of mind to converse with the next personality that is a little more on the material side. You are the exception, however. We can sometimes warn you of things about to happen, but most of you must “trust in the now.”

“Long ago we agreed that mankind in living on an evolutionary world is jettisoned off the deep end to sink or swim as they will. We are all familiar with those who supposedly fail to make it to eternal life, mostly because of their growing tired of being given procedures the need for which they do not understand. Few, very few, exceedingly few find that all chances of eternal life are beyond their means as they pass over from their earthly lives.

“It is on the Mansion worlds where some lose courage to go on. And today we want to discuss one of the big, big reasons why. As Homo Sapiens, you live your life in the past — too much of it in the past — and till your dying day, you will regret those things you did that weren’t all that good. However, the mere fact that you remember those pickled old sins might indicate that you have outgrown such behavior and need only forgive yourself.

“Your precious Spirit within brings these thoughts to the fore for you to find closure and forgive yourself with the undertaking to do something that is right . . . as a form of penance? Perhaps. As a good old Catholic boy from way, way back, I should imagine. Where the real pain is on the Mansion Worlds, is with those who had it all wrong: They did not do enough . . . not enough good stuff, not enough good deeds, not enough unselfish work.

“They are empty-handed and they now find themselves among their previously-considered “lesser kin” of the evolutionary spheres. They have so very much shrunk in stature on this semi-spiritual estate, this morontial plane, that it becomes too much to bear, too hard to switch to a new mindset. And the occasional personality drifts into imprudent ways and thinking, but on the Mansion worlds there is nothing that cannot be righted . . . in retrospect.

“As one gets to be a little older, there is a looking back, which is entirely the prompting of the Spirit within. These incidences of remembrance are designed for one to realize past mistakes, to fully forgive these gaffes and slip-ups and in time take some good and honorable new deeds along with you to the Mansion Worlds. Truly, it won’t hurt for you to occasionally be generous and have a better grasp of the “now” you live in and its purpose.

“This is Frank, never brutal, always frank.”

George: “And we love you too, Alice.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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