Chicago , U.S. of A, July 29, 2011.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Stagnant Faith and Living Faith.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Let us take this opportunity to turn our attention to the desirability of a dynamic faith, and the emptiness of a stagnant faith. Unfortunately, most evolutionary religious systems produce only stagnant faith; and so, their adepts are far away from living a satisfying spiritual life.

“A stagnant faith is characterized by its immobility – it does not progress. The beliefs held by the religionist are rather crystallized in time. When faith crystallizes, it becomes dogmatic, a belief ultimately locked in with suspension or suppression of reasoning, for a dogma does not allow questioning. All forms of religious systems are prone to this stagnation of faith for it reflects a need for security (no change) by the believer.

“Dynamic faith is a combined response from the soul and mind to spiritual manifestations both from the God Within and spiritual energies on the outside. Its dynamic aspect resides precisely in the nature of the evolutionary realms, which is ‘change’. Dynamic faith is always seeking higher levels of spiritual unification, and so it is always in development, never static.

“Stagnant faith leads to accommodation, immobility, and indifference. What would be the point of doing anything good or bad if all is already predestined? Life, under this kind of faith, is only a staged performance, a play that follows previously scripted steps. In life, such a faith is maintained by resistance to the new and suppression of those soul-requests for more meaningful, unifying and satisfying explanations of life.

“On the other hand, dynamic faith shelters an open attitude to Truth, wherever it may be found, for Truth – irrespective of where it is found – comes from God. This living faith unfailingly translates itself into loyalty to the known truth, expression of love through service, and increasing appreciation of beauty. That is, it seeks real harmony in life.

“Many who are now unhappy with their spirituality, due to living a stagnant faith, will feel the longings of their hungry souls, the leadings of their Spirit Within, and they will come into contact with you. You cannot give them faith, but you can inspire them with your personal testimony of living faith in the Living God, so they may consider entering the portal of real spirituality. No conversion or indoctrination is necessary, for there, in each normal human mind, lives a Perfect Guide, admirably qualified of bringing them to the maximum of their spiritual capabilities. Just let them smell this sublime scent of living faith and they will seek more.

“So it is with you, my pupil; your thirsty soul and your wise Adjuster have brought you to know higher realities than you ever imagined possible. Living spiritual realities leave behind a spiritual scent that is followed by those with spiritual perception, this being the reason why you also come to me for more insights. Be loyal to your spiritual values and courageously go about life – a better way lies just ahead.”

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