Oregon, USA, August 15, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “It Takes Two to Conceive.”

Message received by Anyas.

The principle of Yin and Yang is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites. There can be no positive without a negative, no open without closed, and no light without shadow. The pairs of equal opposites attract and complement each other. The Ying Yang symbol portrays the interconnectedness of the world.

Thought Adjuster: “It takes duality and a singleness of purpose to conceive. All-That-Is can be traced back to the harmonious, free-flowing Ying-Yang-ness of the divine Progenitor. His creative life force started manifesting the reality of time and space when he conceived their blueprint through his heart-mind connection, whose undivided focus was to eventuate visions of truth, beauty, and goodness.

He passed on to his sentient creatures the co-creative relay baton after ensuring they could perpetuate the chain reaction of love-in-action. The endowment of selfhood through the unalienable free-will prerogative was a tricky but necessary twist to the whole undertaking.

Do you create or co-create? It requires the unified two-some of the human/divine collaboration to carry out your sacred mandate of co-creator loyally. Those who betray that unspoken oath misuse their life force, thus triggering repercussions that are abominations on high as below.

Over-inflated egos disturb the rightful heart/mind equilibrium at the expense of the precious heart input. Ironically, those exhibiting such ungodly God complexes jeopardize their eternal life prospect.

Beware of impulsive decisions. Thoroughly pre-meditate on the potential impact of your initiatives. Abort those misaligned with the fundamental criteria of truth, beauty, and goodness. By abiding by these guidelines, you will soon notice the emotional upgrade that is taking place in your human experience. Joy and happiness are the natural offspring of love-in-action whereas disappointment and depression are the bastardized progeny of thoughtless and heartless deeds — a blasphemous far cry from your divine calling.”

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