Oregon, USA, August 13, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Location, Location, Location.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “The Father is both a micro and macro-Engineer. The precise orchestration and interconnectivity of All-That-Is are mind-boggling to his mind-endowed offspring. If you spent time regularly zooming in on some specific elements of these natural wonders, it would quickly take you to a constant state of worship.

For starters, let us envision that your mind, throat, and heart form an infinity circle — the throat chakra being their point of intersection. What was the Father thinking when he configurated your chakra system?

His entire creation was conceived through the cross-fertilization between his infinite heart and his incommensurable IQ. He then eventuated each love-infused thought form through the command of the spoken Word. When beholding them, he declared as ‘good’ the end products of his creative initiatives — gratifying renditions of his original ideas.

In your pursuit of Godlikeness, yield to the loving impulses of your heart — your intention setter. Then, use your grey matter to come up with a practical manifestation plan. After reaching the point of their harmonious cooperation, share your vision with your voice to transfer it into your current plane of reality. It is a powerful means of expression. As you well know, once spoken, words take a life of their own.

Another telltale sign of the top priority assigned to the heart is that its steady and reassuring beat is within ear shots of the developing fetus. Once born, there is no traumatic interruption to that process. While held in the warm embrace of its caretakers, the newborn’s head is nestled against their beating hearts — another stroke of genius.”

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