Alberta, Canada, March 9, 2013.
Prometheus’ Treasures - VI.
Subjects: “Learning Ability and Cooperation.”
               “Trust and Desire for Soul Growth.”

Received by Renée.

Teacher Prometheus: “Trust is the healthy attitude which allows a free-willed human to follow the leadings of the Indwelling Spirit. With trust in these leadings one’s day-to-day decisions will be better informed, one’s trials and tribulations better managed. In closeness with one’s Indwelling Spirit there is guidance.

“The individual can be tempted to ignore the ‘still small voice’ and listen instead to the fear-based, animal-origin mind – the legacy of the evolutionary mortal.

“In the free-willed creature, the natural course of evolution will lead to a brain capable of comparative analysis. Such a crude intellect can still present to the consciousness a mental scenario of the potential consequences of the choices at hand.

“The human will be able to access both individual memory as well as the memories embedded in the inherited genes from his ancestors. The collective consciousness of the race is also a source of memory – a resource to be drawn upon as much as the mindal capacity of the individual allows. The creature-mind develops in proportion to its learning ability, both intellectually and psychologically as well as emotionally, socially & spiritually.

“The environment of a human being is a tremendously important factor in the development of a healthy, moral, ethical, responsible and productive individual. Genetic health and parenting are also extremely important factors in the development of a human who is capable of being receptive to spiritualizing forces.

“This includes the Indwelling Spirit, the Divine Parents, as well as any other Spirit personalities which the Divine Adjuster sees fit to allow into the higher mind of the individual. This is the higher functioning mind associated with the reasoning, intuition and cognitive capacities that involve higher communication and receptivity to higher frequency thoughts.

“I am Prometheus.”

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