Chicago, US of A, March 5, 2014.
Teacher: Spirit Within.
Subject: “When I Fuse with You.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Spirit Within: “When I fuse with you, then you and I shall have become a new being. That is the reason why you will then receive a new name. The result of that fusion is neither that your old being will be improved, nor that I will thereby be diminished. It will herald the emergence of the nature of a potential finaliter. It is the consummation of my mission to become a person with you, and of your climb in a process to become divine. Our fusion will be so complete, yes so utterly replete, that even when this new person will be scrutinized by the most capable of universe authorities, he will display only one personality.

“The new being we will become will embody both divinity and humanity, but that being will still be you also, since your history will not be lost by that new being. Only your nature will have become divine. Today, inhabiting you as a God-spark, quite apart, I represent the will of the Father. After fusion, I will have become the will of the Father in you. Following fusion, the new person will be able to, as we progress in our ascending career, and through progressive insights, draw from all my past knowledge and experience events right back to the moment of my fragmenting from the Creator Father. And so, you will have in you the potential to become greatly spiritized to the fringe status of an absonite being.

“Now, my child, you asked me if it is possible for me to fuse with you even in this life. Yes, it is! Some faith children of God have fused with their Adjusters in their human life, as you know. However, each particular fusion is a case of completion, as well as an opportunity. Your undertakings, which are intertwined with other people’s endeavors, and certain fortuitous life events to come, which are practically beyond human control, determine fusion feasibility. If there is opportunity, and you allow me to guide you through the plan I have formulated for your spiritual progress, even in this life, fusion could occur here.

“However, in reality it is not so important that fusion happens in this life. Your early mansonia life is the much better environment to expedite and finalize our fusion than is this current life of yours. I am not rushing it, and neither should you. Just keep following my lead, and trust in the love of the Father all your days, and the right pieces will eventually fall into place. Do not worry, my child, I know what I am doing, and I am doing it to perfection, although your perception of what I do is not perfect. Rest assured, I will not fail you. Be sure, you too, do not fail me.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Rest assured, I will not fault you; be sure you too, do not fault me
– Thought Adjuster, March 2014. 11:11 Store