Alabama, US of A, February 4, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “His Plan of Love and Truth.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “While you live in this world you have the need to serve two masters; materialism and your spiritual inclinations. You must give each their due, but the key is to decide when you have given enough to each. An excess of materialism, without a doubt, will be an obstacle for your spiritual growth. An excess of spirituality can turn into fanaticism and make you lose sight of what is practical. You are a dual creature, material and spiritual, and you must learn how to function effectively at both these levels.

“However, for a mortal creature, the material and the spiritual do not need to be extreme opposites. It is possible to live a life of great spiritual achievements and material satisfactions. Observe the life of the Master, who always knew how to work using the best of His talents without becoming a slave to his material needs. He lived in poverty and never during his material life did he search for an easy way out or attempt to escape His responsibilities.

“Jesus is the perfect illustration of how a human being can live in this world while preparing for the next. Jesus triumphed in life not because of the level of material success he gained, because in reality he only managed to raise His family and provide for His mother and His siblings, preparing them to fend for themselves and overcome their problems. The greath triumph of Jesus was never losing sight of the purpose of His life – the reason why He came to this world – and His always pursuing that mission in everything He did.

“In your case, why have you come to this world? To live a life learning to know your Father and establishing a relationship with Him, preparing yourself as best you can for the next phase of your existence. Does this imply that you should live in poverty, or in wealth? No, but it does imply that you should learn to find peace and happiness – the joy of being – regardless of the situation in which you find yourself.

“In a world as confused as is Urantia it is normal to experience highs and lows. The societies of today may crumble tomorrow and order and sanity sometimes hang by a thread. However, it is within your being where the source of true peace can be found and where the storms of the world can be weathered. This is not an escape for timid souls that are incapable of facing the challenges of life. It is instead the spring at which those who courageously fight the battle of faith can drink and rest. It is the effort to see beyond the appearances of this world with the help of the Creator and Provider Who in eternity is manifesting His plan of love and truth over His creation.”

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