Illawarra District, Australia, May 20, 2012.
Machiventa Melchizedek.
Subject: “Mindsets in Disrepair.”

Received by George Barnard.

Machiventa: “It is good to spend time with you, and for me to enjoy your presence and new-found energy. In the months just past there were many (human) healers on your side of the fence who offered their prayers and sent you energy for you to mend when you needed that. Also there were many (celestial) healers on my side of the fence who did their very best. It is good to see you are in better shape. This is Machiventa, and, naturally, I jest.

“We would all be on the same side of the fence, if really there was a fence, but there is no division. We are one. We are each other. From our celestial viewpoint, we simply cannot be separated. It is from your trivial human efforts in the analysis of our possible connectedness that you see separation, total separation at times, for the pendulum swings and has swung to the extremity of its sweep. Humanity approaches a difficult to navigate crossroads.

“Truly, the appropriate path to take – for you simply cannot forge ahead – is clear to your celestial Teachers and Guides. To the human majority your future is opaque, laden with fears of hardship, poverty, extreme governmental overcontrol and rumors of war. What we witness from the time-distant sphere that makes us invisible to you is that you have become unclear about your purpose in life. From the lowest worker to your so-called elite, your mindsets are in disrepair.

“You were entrusted by the Creator of all, who remains indeed a part of you, to progress His universes to the delight of all creation. You were collectively assigned the task of being the gardeners of all his myriad planets from here to untold lightyears away in all directions. He delegated the care for your brothers and sisters to you, all of you capable of caring. In doing these things, consciously, willingly and tirelessly, you are doing the Creator’s Will.

“It is time to consider the appropriate path to take on the crossroads you are fast approaching. It is time to ‘rearrange’ your disparate mindsets towards a common goal of no more wars, no more sanctions, no more inequality, no more fables of imaginary enemies that breed real enemies in the end.

“I am Machiventa, the Melchizedek of Abraham’s time, proclaimed your new Planetary Prince by Christ Michael, pleading with you to ‘lift your game’ in this Correcting Time and recall your task to the Creator’s greater glory. I bid you Adieu for now.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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