Illawarra District, Australia, July 23, 2014.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Your World is Not Unique” – “Kali or Kalika.”
(a much shortened transmission).

Received by George Barnard.

George: “Welcome to this proud planet of false flags, black swans, political expediency, war crimes, genocide, market manipulation and wash trades. Like the puppets we’re all meant to be, we continue to believe the bold-faced lies that roll on, and on, and on. You must one day tell us why you were nervously biting your fingernails for the long awaited good news that you were to teach Urantians. Such honor! Don’t mind me, Teach.”

Samuel: “Greetings my dear students, both. I so appreciate your sense of humor even in the dire and inflammable circumstances that have you so dismayed. My planet was calm. It was peaceful, and yet it was progressive. Should you have landed there in my time you would have found it exceedingly boring, because this, as you so clearly indicated, is a wild place. This environment selects, instructs and hardens the already tough ones, needed in the universes of the future, for you will be the go-getters, the problem solvers.

“It is so that evolutionary planets can and do go through hard times. Your world is not unique regarding the all-around barbarism presently displayed. I guess, however, that it is also very necessary to bring us those treasures of evolutionary progress that are true in serving two masters – their fellow man and families, and their Creator. These of good will, will one day rule in their bestowed places far off in outer space, making the hard decisions that will in turn bring up the tough creatures the Creators require for their ever expanding universes.

“To the point I wish to make: I take you now to the time when the long-lived Adamson and Ratta had their many children. I want you to see it now just as I was shown, how some so very much resembled their father – the blond haired ones, yellow, white, the red haired ones, and the pale brunette. As well, those who typically resembled their mother, her dark eyes, her black hair, her tall, slender stature. It would be obvious to some, but it was a surprise to many that, in essence, those were two different sets of children.

“Some of these Andites would on occasions feel themselves to be ‘much above others’. And so when their ancestors were long departed, when their numbers had grown, those who resembled Adamson more so than Ratta traveled to the west, the north and the north-west, yes, those were the directions in which they went, in great waves. Those who resembled Ratta in many ways, tended to dwell in the area below Lake Van for the longest time, then traveled to the south-east. They were long famed as the Tribes of Ratta.

“Despite the many thousands of years gone by, those Andites of the north did so relate to Adam and Eve, the Garden and the failure of the Adamic pair, although much of the story was lost. Those Andites of the south, being more Nodite in appearance, did see themselves as the offspring of their Ratta, and even one of their gods, Kali or Kalika, was named after, and basically once represented, Caligastia.

“This is where I leave it with you. You only need to transcribe it now, and entrust it to others to draw further conclusions, if any. This is Samuel. I thank you both for your attendance. Au revoir.”

George: “Thank you, Samuel.”

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