Bacolod City, The Philippines, June 28, 2017.
Teacher: Hezekiah.
Subject: “Signs of Personal Maturity.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Teacher Hezekiah: “If allowed to reach old age, a normal human life usually spans through four phases during its earthly experience in intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects: childhood, youth, maturity, and seniority. Childhood is the beginning, youth the formation years, adulthood, the sedimentation phase, and seniority, the finishing years. As the physical body matures through life’s experiences, the self seeks intellectual, emotional and spiritual maturity. Maturity, then, is the goal of life’s experience. What are the signs of having achieved personal maturity?

“The first and most important sign that a person is achieving maturity in life is indeed the personal capacity for self-control. Life’s experience is more than controlling situations to make them suitable for your life. The outstanding quality of a human being who effectively wants to hold a grip on life’s situations is to control the self, rather than trying to control other people and circumstances. The self is the only thing human beings can in fact control because it is totally subject to personal will, while other people’s wills and situations one can never be totally subjected to.

“A second very important sign of a wholesome maturity is showing consideration for others. The difference between being considerate to others and being selfish and self-centered is clear: the latter results in using people and manipulating them for one’s own and selfish interests, while the former seeks companionship, cooperation, unity and making projects a communal achievement. Consideration for others also allows for a better understanding relationship with people; not only allowing them to participate in your life but also enlisting yourself in other people’s projects and interests. Being considerate to others sums up your being sensitive, avoiding conflicts, promoting peace and a general wellbeing, rather than the strictly personal.

“A third, essential, but hardly the final characteristic of maturity is the disposition of being of service to others. One can promptly see this quality coming directly from being considerate. However, being of service is a step forward: it is making the service to others a ministry, the highest value in relationships, even if it means to restrain fair benefits or limitations to self. Being serviceable is, in fact, to get out of your way to help others, making the wellbeing of your human fellows a high priority in your life. We are only really happy when we promote others’ happiness, while gratefully enjoying the returned service of others.

“Therefore, my friend, maturity is indeed linked to age and experience, but mostly it is subject to a balanced attitude towards the self, putting it securely under control (the most difficult), and a positive attitude towards others, considering them worthy of participating in and receiving inputs on your life. Finally, a solid sign of maturity in life is a hearty disposition for service towards any fellow human being, helping them the best you can in any difficulties they may have. Make sure those signs are present in your life as you go through your maturity phase so you can make them your trademark as you reach seniority. I am your friend Hezekiah, who once governed over others, but I have learned that it’s best to govern yourself.”

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