Northamptonshire, UK, October 10, 2010.
Divine Self.
Subject: “A Lesson Learnt in Time.”

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Divine Self: “All memories belong to the collective subconscious. It is not always apparent as to which time they belong for the linearity of time is not as you experience it within human frame. Never expect the order of action to follow the order of reaction. A lesson learnt in time may be from some time past or yet to come. Each lesson though contributes to the widening sphere of consciousness and is valuable in its own sake.

“Some people have more free access to the libraries than others, an easier time of it accessing the information with which they may learn at this ‘moment’, however that is because their path calls for that access. For others part of the expansion of consciousness may be intrinsically linked with having to ‘find out from scratch’ from within differing perspective and circumstance.

“You collate, file, and draw whole pictures from information available to you. It is different work. No better or worse, but part of who you are. Never expect or otherwise for circumstances to continue or otherwise for that is an irrelevancy, just live each day in the moment and take joy in the moments of calm and understanding, a pleasure from insight and a passion for your goals. Then you cannot help to Be that which you truly Are and to follow your own unique path in the direction that I wish to travel, alongside you as my tender, funny, mortal companion, exploring so daringly the animal side of your nature at the moment, you, who are eons old and who’s experience will see this as both brilliant and inconsequential in future ... just one more piece of the jigsaw without which the jigsaw will not be complete.

“Go now, and rest in me. Expand your mind and enjoy your body, and cling not to another, yet understand that all are of the same ultimate spirit, and that we all dance together.”

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