Asheville, NC, US of A, August 9, 2015.
Teacher: Ophelius.
Subject: “The Fantastic Journey.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today we would like to talk about a ‘Fantastic Journey.’ Imagine, for a moment, that you are a young child and you receive a letter from a well-funded space agency. In the letter it states that they are looking for young volunteers to be trained for a special mission to explore a faraway planet and that you have been selected as a possible candidate.

“The only requirement is that you willingly accept the invitation and report to the academy for special training. All your education, training and living expenses would be provided for and the only thing required of you is that you follow the program and work hard to complete the assignments given to you, which includes keeping a video diary of all your experiences at the academy and in your explorations of this faraway planet.

“You find this invitation exciting — like a dream come true — and you accept the assignment and report to the academy. Upon arrival, you find that you are not the only candidate. Others will be learning and working alongside you in a team. Not all will pass the final exam and some may have to study harder, yet all will have the opportunity if they choose to go to this faraway planet.

“You also find that your training and education will require many years of your life to complete and that dangers and unexpected events may influence or change the course of your training. You, keeping your mind on the fantastic journey ahead, are not dissuaded by the dangers and continue with the registration.

“On your sixth day you receive a special device that you are to carry with you at all times. It plans and guides you through all the training. It also records the greatest achievements in your training and will go with you on your journey to the faraway planet. This is also your communication device with Mission Control.

“In your training you are taught that your very survival and success depends on a working relationship with your teammates. And after many years of living and working together, you develop great friendship, love and respect for all of them. You can’t imagine life without their presence, love and support. During the course of your training, your teachers tell you that this journey is a one-way mission and that you cannot return to earth. You also are told that the life ahead of you on the faraway planet will be astonishingly beautiful, peaceful, exciting and fulfilling and you would not grow old because of the conditions there. Yet you must continue to record your experiences and prepare a presentation of journey when requested. Hearing this raises your eyebrow, but knowing that the training will require many years on the earth, you accept this sober destiny and continue.

“The day of your graduation finally arrives and you have trained well, passed your exams and have become very wise and learned about all that is known about the faraway planet and the journey ahead. You are excited and have no fear of the unknown because you have faith in your teachers, friends and teammates who have helped prepare you for this mission. Your family and friends are all there to see you off and to celebrate your great achievement. Although they will be sad because they will not see you again, they are happy for you and shed many tears of love and joy. After saying your tearful goodbyes, you turn and step confidently and boldly into the transporter and leave in a great flash of light!

“Now, my friends, had you not been prepared and educated for the journey ahead and guided by your special device and Mission Control, how confident and fearless would you be stepping into the transporter never to return to earth again? Is this not the story of your own life? Surely there will come a day when you will graduate from this life and go on to the many tarrying places in the Father’s house that he has prepared for you. Will you go boldly and fearlessly into that glorious place of promise, or will you fear it, dread it and go kicking and screaming because you were unprepared? Think deeply about this parable.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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