Alabama, US of A, November 3, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Living the Will of the Father.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The decision to live the will of the Father should not be made under the guise of making a sacrifice. Instead, living the will of the Father can be considered to be bringing the utmost satisfaction to which a human soul can aspire.

“Living the will of the Father is letting yourself be guided by your Divine Spark to become the best you can be. This clearly does not imply any real sacrifice, beyond your leaving behind the animal tendencies latent in your biological nature and making an effort to achieve a higher expression of your very being.

“Living the will of the Father is like being in a period of study — being in training — during which at some point human beings have to organize time and resources in order to give priority to those tasks that will result in greater satisfaction in their future. Many immature mortals are not willing to put up with the life of a serious student, in which certain concessions have to be made in order for them to learn new things. To the eyes of others it may look like the student is depriving him or herself of many things, but wise students know that they are only working for a better future.

“The true student is the one who can say that he or she has decided to be better, because after a long period of preparation he or she is ready to use the opportunities that are presented to those who are able to take advantage of them. This hope for a better future — this faith — motivates making the efforts of the present and it validates any apparent effort or sacrifice.

“Living the will of the Father is like a man who has been invited to a sumptuous dinner. On the day of the dinner, he decides to have only a very light breakfast and go without lunch. His friends ask him why he is sacrificing himself in such a way? Why can’t he just eat a little bit more? They don’t understand that the man is just making sure he will be able to fully enjoy the banquet he will attend that night. The man knows that his actions involve no real sacrifice, since these actions simply reflect the intelligence of someone who knows when to postpone something seemingly good in order to obtain something far better.

“When others — or you — ask if the efforts of the present are truly worth it and if it is important to become an independent thinker when the majority in this world are happy to just follow tradition, letting others think on their behalf and sticking to the fossilized truths from the past, just remember the sumptuous banquet for which you are preparing yourself. As well, know that you are becoming a perfected creature by your very efforts, but with the help of your Father, who constantly whispers in your ear about which path to follow.”

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