Illawarra District, NSW, Australia, October 5, 2016.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: “Reincarnation.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “Rarely have I felt such deep feelings of friendship come from a human. Not awe, adoration or reverence, but the warm comradship I seek from the future organizers of the new and distant multi-verses that are arranging themselves at this time. Keep in mind this fact, my friend: The more complex, advanced and experienced the creature, the more dependent on love and consideration it becomes.

“Even so, the youngest of the newly-appointed Thought Adjusters placed in human soul service aches for even the most fleeting partnership recognition and such a need extends to the valiant ‘spirit warriors’ whose indwellings are in the multiples. Few of the Virgin TAs ever manage to get through with teaching their learned lessons in either the conscious realm or during dreams. TA use of nearby angels provided some extremely rare exceptions, however, even Superior Thought Controllers having Destiny Guardians at hand and inputting experiences into the sharpest of human minds ‘religiously’ still fail to adequately note their experiences of the past.

“Humans seem to be oblivious of the countless ages of TA experience and all relate their lessons to ‘my human body,’ or ‘my human soul’ or even ‘my previous human life.’ How depressing to not be able to move on from this world! How overoptimistic to consider this world to be the place where perfection can be attained for all!

“I don’t agree with you (George) that Christianity is largely responsible for its followers having been left in the dark about their having a TA, not just a soul. All cults of your somewhat distant past neglected the Father Fragments as if they, the priests, leaders and kings were the only ones so endowed. Neither learning nor intelligence was the prerequisite for one receiving a TA prior to Pentecost. Mores and morals, leadership and contributions to society were more the indicator.

“And, oh, you were all born in sin back then! How demeaning!
*…See note below.

“After Pentecost the God Fragments flooded onto the planet and only those of extreme mental disability were left without the Godly Indweller, for where nothing could be achieved, also nothing could be gained, to the advantage of anyone.

“That completes this part of the requested lesson on reincarnation. It’s good to come calling on you. You have been diligent in jotting down the points I’ve made and I thank you. More on this in the future. I am the Damascus Scribe.”

*…Note: At a very young age I questioned this teaching. I got no answer that made any sense and so I left that religion.

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