Alabama, US of A, March 11, 2014.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Elevate Yourself.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Although Jesus was truly a divine being living a mortal life, many of the things he demonstrated with his life are attainable by human beings. His great self-forgetfulness is possible for anyone who dedicates themselves completely to understanding and living the will of the Father. This self-forgetfulness is not the false humility of one who expects others to acknowledge their humility. It is rather the true and realistic perception of one's human nature that submits to divine mandates to elevate oneself and become increasingly spiritual.

The perfect mastery he exercised over his mind is also an achievable goal for human beings. This achievement is reached through the constant practice of examining thoughts, motivations, and what our mind seeks to express. You must strive to fill your thoughts with truth, beauty, and goodness, for it is in your mind where you create your reality, and what you produce in your mind will be what you produce in your life. Few people pay attention to their thoughts, completely ignoring the fact that everything that exists in their lives was born first in their minds.

Imperfections cannot be removed while they remain ignored. You must engage in constant self-evaluation of your decisions and actions. Do not allow the possibility of error to cause the paralysis of your will. Even mistakes are great teachers, and as long as you make every decision of your life true to your highest ideals, you will not fall into error. Keep in mind that this does not mean all your plans will find success or all your actions will be truly perfect. It only means you are willing to overcome your limitations and strive to approach perfection. You may make a decision with the best intentions and still err, but this error will never be a sin if you honestly tried to do good. You are not expected to be perfect yet, but you are expected to strive to align your personality with the divine currents of the Father's will.

This life is the moment to discover the potential hidden within you. A single human life may be too short to achieve perfection, but the commitment to live according to the Father's will, becoming more perfect each day, is something that can be established in this world, even where you are now. For the Father, it is not so important where you are today but rather where you are heading. As long as you maintain forward momentum, toward the sublime goals of spiritual progress, you will undoubtedly continue advancing on the journey of your life. At the end of this episode of your eternal existence, success will be measured by the extent to which you have managed to overcome your animal and materialistic tendencies to approach perfection.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.