Illawarra District, Australia, May 23, 2016.
The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: “It Comes As No Surprise.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “They are the undercurrants of your mind with which I’m well familiar. They are the vague realisations — the mental crocusses of Spring that pierce their way through ‘the snow blanket of your mind’. It was without hesitation and without my inspecting future events that, long ago, I took it for granted that I would both be advising the Thought Adjusters (TAs) and working with this progress group of good size.

“It is a common occurrence that Thought Adjusters come to the fore at some expected moment in time on a planet where they are meant to ‘universally’ be deployed to indwell humans.

“It comes as no surprise to Me, to Christ Michael or to Machiventa that you should ‘see’ a Personalized Adjuster as coming in handy in the communication efforts with so many of our 11:11 Progress Group members. Yes, I play an important part in the spiritual economy of this planet, as I have experienced duties all over the universes and perhaps it will surprise and endear you to know that the Cherubim pair, ‘I’ll be Frank’ and Alice, are often consulted by Me.

“Your human cooperative efforts are often disrupted by unwise tests of reliability, friendship, fair dealings and by blame-game matters, but at the higher celestial level all cooperation is actively sought, long lasting and greatly appreciated. As you will come to see there has been a lot of planning. You are thoroughly familiar with many of the celestial groupings that have gone into action with human associates, but for now they have more important work to do ‘at street level,’ one might rightly say.

“It’s good to converse with you in this way. I depart now, but leave you our love.”

Frank: “This is Frank, always frank. Alice is with me, of course. And so is Midwayer Mathew. Few of the other-worldly Midwayers are involved in what could be seen by you to be peace negotiations with a difference . . . with a hard edge for sure.

“Whilst we are together here it behooves us to say a prayer and invite Michael of Nebadon to be with us in thought: ‘Dear Eternal Father-Creator, dear Michael-Son, dear Mother Nebadonia, we are concerned for our world, the survival of our human civilization and the well-being of our human brothers and sisters. Please allow us to employ many and all means to overcome these distrusting nations’ paths to yet another world war. Amen! Yes, so be it!’

“Frankly, George, what is a Cherubim pair to do with a lifetime of deeply studied information about the psyche of Urantia’s Homo Sapiens if the entire species is to be lost? Never you mind, my friend, and co-worker. Give us your frank and unabashed answer when next we meet. Thank you for your hospitality and love. Adieu.”

George: “I’ll give it some thought, Frank.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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