Alabama, US of A, March 12, 2014.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Transformative Influences.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “For those who seek the truth with honesty and sincerely strive to align their lives with divine will, the truth cannot remain hidden for long. Right now, in your world, there are many who claim to have supernatural powers and to be messengers from heaven. However, if you listen carefully and observe their lives, you may notice inconsistencies that eloquently suggest that these men and women, perhaps well-intentioned, are only human beings, just like you.

As a human being, you can cultivate your 'hunger for justice and thirst for righteousness' in such a way that your behavior becomes almost divine. When others contemplate the life you live with the express purpose of doing the Father's will, expressing the best of your personality, they may know that, while you haven't 'fallen from the sky,' you are truly a person in contact with divinity, someone who knows their heavenly Father. This recognition is possible only according to the levels of faith possessed by those who observe these lives of genuine devotion to the adventure of perfection.

Those who live lives dedicated to the will of the Father will naturally produce the fruits of the spirit, which can be observed by others who aspire to these same fruits. Among these fruits is a wisdom free from pretensions that would prevent these advanced spiritually human beings from proclaiming to be something they are not. You won't see a human being truly striving to be like the Father declare themselves divine or an envoy. They know that to continue learning, they must remain students, not blinded by the pride of partially discovered truths.

Those who are discovering the truth know perfectly well that the Father does not have chosen ones but accepts volunteers for the task of co-creatively building an increasingly beautiful reality. Anyone who wishes to enter the kingdom will find the doors open as long as their will is oriented toward spiritual goals, while those who do not wish to enter will close the pathways to the freedom of progressive knowledge of spiritual truths themselves. Spiritual progress is forever the result of individual decisions. Not even the Father dares to force anyone to follow Him.

But even when many human beings do their best to become more like God, traits of imperfection will always be observed in their personality, at least until the moment they have completely submitted their will to the guidance of their Inner Teacher – the Thought Adjuster sent by the Father to reside in the human soul. Always, in observing these lives, some stumbling blocks may be noticed, but if their commitment is faithful and their will sincere, there is nothing more inspiring than watching how these human beings overcome their limitations and rise higher and higher, expressing their true selves with ever-increasing fidelity.

However, if a Master descends from On High to serve you, as Michael did, you can truly observe lives lived to perfection and enjoy living examples of the truths of the kingdom of the heavenly Father. For sincere souls, there is no more eloquent preaching than the experience of witnessing a perfect life, such as those that these Masters come to offer for your edification. You can be sure that if your intention to find God remains steadfast, you will recognize the divinity of the spiritual Masters who come to guide you without any difficulty. And yet, even if there are doubts and even if they can never conclusively prove their origin, the lives of these Masters will exert a transformative influence of spiritual upliftment on the souls of those who approach them.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.