Urantia, October 8, 2006.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “How Much Wiser the Universal Father.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved: “Let us for a moment consider the fulfillment of your desires, and the time delays this sometimes entails. The Father in His almighty wisdom oversees everything and knows everything.

When your earnest petitions seemingly go unanswered, it is because the time and the circumstances for the outworking need to be right. Oftentimes prayers cannot immediately be answered because the recipient needs to be sufficiently spiritually developed to believe in order to receive. Thus many prayers are awaiting their fulfillment until after the dissolution of the mortal temple, and during the next stage of evolvement.

The human vessel is very delicate and tender, and so is your budding spirit. The timing and conditions need to be right. You can see the overlying time delay of the Creator working itself out in nature.

Everything has its own season. Some plants and trees are slower to bud and bloom than are others, for there is rhyme and reason for everything. Each day during springtime, you see miracles unfolding before your very eyes, and yet, you do not comprehend the mysterious life force that stirs from within.

Each living and breathing thing need oxygen, sunshine and water, and often loving care to fulfill its own innate promise to bud and bloom, and so it is with human beings. A human infant denied love, often through ignorance of one or both parents, soon withers and dies, or presents only stunted growth, and can never fully develop according to the pattern with which it was born.

The child needs to be nourished and nurtured, with love, care and attention. It is a travesty and an abomination to the loving Father-heart of God, to observe how innocent little ones are sometimes willfully mistreated on this planet.

Love is by far the most important quality that helps each and every mortal to blossom and bloom.

Wise parents do not give in to every wish of their children.

How much wiser is the Universal Father of all.”

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