Illawarra District, Australia, November 22, 2007.
Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8).
Subject: “Patterns, Prompts, and Love.”

Received by George Barnard.

Dr. Mendoza: “Firstly, let me clear the air by saying there is no animosity between us, as long as you take care of your physical needs. The rest of your requirements will mostly be seen to by us. Secondly, the Chief is settling down some restless souls at this time, and I step into the breach. Old times, what?

“Let me note here that they are not merely your Secondary Midwayers that will prompt those selected mortals, but that all on the lower Morontia level can see to this repetitive task of awakening mankind to a higher level of spirituality. Yes, Cherubim and Companions alike, and there are others you are still to meet.

“Much of what makes up a prompt is typical to what the machine that is your brain will do for you, and we share this phenomenon with you, for in our make-up we are not so far removed from you. By your nature, you subconsciously notice a given event almost always before conscious recognition of that event.

“You may drive for many miles through a naturally wooded area to suddenly come upon a plantation, and immediately you perceive the way these trees are planted in a pattern. At a subconscious level, still, those cerebral neurons charged with the task of recognizing the vertical lines of the, say pine tree trunks, will begin to fire in a frenzy, for there are countless pines, and almost immediately will you consider that the forest landscape has given way to a man-made project.

“This is pattern recognition at a subliminal level at first, followed almost immediately by the conscious realization of pattern, precision, regularity, uniformity -- after you have traveled for miles through the scarcely noticed irregularity of naturally sprouted shrubbery and trees of all kinds – it may become your point of reference to how far you still need to travel on a future journey, the miles to a turn off, the duration of the remainder of the trip.

“This is what you do, and you do all of this yourselves, because you are designed that way. Our function is to suddenly make you wonder what time it might be, even if your clock is 5 minutes fast or slow, to note 11:11 or 3:33, to make you look at the street number on a home as you travel by to find it reads 2222, to make you note the repetitive numbers on a vehicle’s registration tag your point of reference.

“This, ad infinitum indeed, until you realize these patterns are so frequent in their appearance, you can no longer ‘chalk off’ these happenings to coincidence, if you truly believed in such a thing in the first place. You must now search, meet us midway.

“Think of man and his wife who are happily married; in love for all to see, and how they can share a thought, an idea, give a coinciding smile to each other. Translate this now into how we feel about you, our adopted universe children, whom we love deeply, and consider the mind-meld principles we share with you as we prompt you.

“This is Dr. Mendoza, in love with life, and with you all.”

George: “It’s good to see you, Doc. Thank you.”

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