Asheville, NC, US of A, July 16, 2017.
Teacher: I AM.
Subject: “Framing the Divine Human Relationship.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

I AM: “My Beloved Child, you have been asking Me for guidance on new ways in which you may more effectively attune with me — you are experimenting with different thought processes in which to ‘frame’ my relationship with you. This is a most favorable way to explore this uncharted territory, for many humans have difficulty even accepting that ‘the Kingdom of Heaven is within?’ You now know and understand this to some extent, yet you continue to push the boundaries of human understanding about the Divine Relationship. You have always had complete freedom to think about Me in any way that brings you in closer, and this is a metamorphosis of thought and understanding that shall continue to develop throughout your ascendant career until the moment of fusion brings us into eternal union.

“I AM your true soulmate and no other may claim this highest most intimate place within you. All other relationships are secondary, even those humans that you hold in the closest ‘orbits’ to your heart. How then would you imagine a relationship with a soulmate? Would there be total trust, openness, and non-judgment? Would there be unconditional love? Would there be intimate affection? Would you share your most intimate thoughts; greatest interests, and deepest desires? Can you bring your mind to think of Me this way?

“Many cannot imagine having such an intimate relationship as this with ‘God’ because of the deeply rooted ideas in theology and in popular culture that override this idea of God as a soulmate and put ‘Him’ afar off in some lofty place — separated from you. This is the work I ask of you — to stretch your mind and understanding and look beyond these preconceived ideas you have about how a divine relationship should be framed in the human mind?

“The highest ideals of human love between two compliments of being in the flesh is to come together in sexual union and express your understanding of love as a reflection of the divine within you — the complete surrender of self to the other. Should a Divine Relationship be any less than this most intimate blissful union? But how can this be when I AM not in physical form and not thought of as a lover — a compliment of being?

“You and I are always in a blissful non-fused union, only you don’t perceive it that way now. It is your task to understand this blissfulness and to bring Me into this intimate embrace within your mind. When you are expressing your highest understanding of love with another, it is this blissful union I share with you that is reflected onto the person of your affections. Try to understand this, my Beloved, and do not hold back on your expression when in the arms of a lover — for it is I that moves through you and vibrates this blissful state of divine love that you then transmute into the emotions that you choose to express and surrender to the other. Can you now see how we are in union when you express my love for you and extend it to others? This happens at all levels of human relationships and in varying degrees of ‘wholeness.’

“Think about these things, my Beloved, and please experiment with your ideas for the ‘framing’ of our Divine-Human relationship.

“I AM that You Are.”

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