Oregon, June 6, 2020.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “What Truly Matters.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “Life encompasses an unfathomable array of interdependent life forms and activities — from the formation of a tiny drop of moisture to its inclusion in the extensive circulatory system of the water worlds, from the industrious pollination of bees to the emergence of floral magnificence. It also flows through the intricate layers of your selfhood — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual — and their relational interactions.

God does not think in black and white. He is the One Who put together the palettes of colors with their many hues and subtle undertones. He proceeds mindfully and methodically, leaving nothing to sheer luck.

It is from such an intelligent and purposeful perspective that you should view yourself and others. His Life Force courses through All-That-Is, fueling actions and reactions. Ask yourself how much you cherish and honor such a gift. What do you do with the prolific sap of the Tree of Life?

Do you support other precious lives, or do you perpetuate demeanors that you find despicable in others? Do you do your very best to make up for what you perceive as dysfunctional by scouting for better ways of living harmoniously on the inner and the outer?

By giving you the free will privilege, the Father also made you independent thinkers and admonished you to become Godlike. Everything He undertakes promotes the highest good. Do you take a similar stand for the core values of love, empathy, and compassion? Are your actions prompted by moral values or driven by impetuous tempers?

In the end, each life should be pro-life — supporting the integrity of the cosmic living organism. Do not let negative emotions take over the sanctuary of your heart. Ponder what you can do to heal your world. Yours is to determine which impact your life experience will have on yourself and others. Good deeds add to the spiritual patrimony, while misguided initiatives desecrate the Divine Life Force designed to be the premium fuel for love in action.”

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