Oregon, June 2, 2020.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Mechanics of Harmony.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “A wrong does not justify more wrongs. Period.
Yet, it is the faulty mindset adopted by opportunists who use wrongdoings as pretexts to follow suit. Jesus’ revolutionary life philosophy was to never condone a wrongful act by responding in kind. Instead, He swiftly extinguished emotional wildfires by taking the emergency countermeasure of snuffing them out with a right — presenting the other cheek instead of taking an eye out.

The recent wrongful death of a man at the hands of a heartless police officer has been the catalyst for a destructive rampage that claimed more innocent lives. How could manslaughter justify the destruction of innocent bystanders’ properties and the deprivation of their legitimate means to make a living? The regrettable loss of one life set a terrible domino effect in motion that displayed the many variances of iniquity.

It happens when the perpetrators are devoid of moral fiber and, wearing the mask of offended righteousness, look out for themselves — the proverbial wolves hiding under sheepskins. Due to such emotional blindfolds and utter lack of empathy, they are oblivious to the pain and suffering they add to the already overflowing planetary cup.

When the day of personal reckoning comes, Fifth Amendment pleas falling under the “they-made-me-do it,” “everybody-else-was-doing-it,” or “it-made-me-so-mad” categories will be rejected in the Courts of divine Laws because of your unalienable free-will prerogative and self-responsibility.

Assume responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. Aren’t they originating in you? How then could you point an accusatory finger at others for your wrongdoings? Assuredly, it will not make your world a better place. The proliferation of ill will cannot have positive outcomes, as demonstrated by the Lucifer rebellion's adversarial effects that caused your planet to spiral down into a lawless state of spiritual anarchy unleashed by the foolish promotion of unbridled personal liberties.

A world settled in light and life is a world of law and order — the fundamental mechanics of harmony. You are a tiny cell called to play its part to perfection in the vast cosmic organism. It is how you will find your purpose; it is how you will become passionate about living a meaningful life. Do not go rogue!”

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