Illawarra District, Australia, May 25, 2013.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “Of Importance and Humility.”
(A message to a lonely mother of four).

Received by George Barnard.

Chief Bzutu: “I can resoundingly state that I am an important being, and that all of my Midwayer brothers and sisters are important beings. It has nothing to do with false pride, my making such a claim, providing it is equally tempered with humility. My claim of importance, yes, even fame, is based on the wishes of the Creator of the universes that He shall have countless perfected offspring. By our actions, at times interceding in the affairs of mankind over countless centuries, we present the Creator with His wishes (being) fulfilled.

“There is no doubt that together with a great many celestial beings of diverse kinds we have that all-important handle on civilizing you away from the ancient sacrificing of your kin for the mere fact that your moon ‘forgot to show’, or your spring rains ‘blew away’. Aha, you say, the task is important, not you! However, we consider our future in which we will one day be elevated to be close to the Creator, and in that realization we experience what is nothing short of total humility, and now there is a perfect, uncompromising balance.

“To see ourselves as unimportant is not realistic. We derive our importance – if not through the tasks we perform – from the mere fact that it is of essence to the Creator’s happiness that we shall one day be perfected in our ways, free from human-like emotions. That we shall be gifted greater intelligence and time-space experiences to take on, and well-deserve, more superior, yes grander tasks. Here I address you now directly, sweet lady and student, (name), to say that your humbleness is ‘overdone’, your importance nothing to you.

“There is no balance in the assessment of your self, and all that is good is forgotten. Did you then not give birth to two girls of your own? Did you then not adopt and love two more of another? The diapers you changed? The meals you prepared? Good manners you taught? Education you paid for? And the hard and degrading menial tasks you performed to make it all possible for these four, their offspring here and now, and those still to arrive?

“Is it true that you are now old and useless? Still you are a producer as you always were. Is it right that you should be looked down upon? To us you are a champion, for you fought a long battle and you won. There are a thousand reasons for you to be proud, mother and grandmother of almost a dozen, yet had you achieved none of these goals, you should feel important all the same, for you are a unique and beloved child of God, and therefore never alone. We too love you, dear one. I am ABC-22.”

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