Illawarra District, Australia, November 4, 2014.
The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “The Women and Men Apostles” (shortened message).

Received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “It is I, your friend, the Scribe. It does me good, yes, it gives me heart, to speak with you as the true friend you are, who knows we each have great value in the eyes of our Creator Father, with my having, at least so far, arrived at the goal of my career and you having barely begun your eternal journey.”

George: “You really never have a very heavy lesson for me. It’s always a chat. You must be a Friend before you are a Teacher.”

The Scribe: “True. In these difficult times on your world it will be appropriate for us to discuss group efforts as distinct from the labors of an individual. The fact that you and your co-travelers function as a group with a common goal — to spread some worthy messages — has as a result that your work can be found in a great many households. Also, since the messages are varied from all (11:11) receivers, it has brought you additionally Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and Jewish subscribers in numbers. You are successfully reaching out.

“Generally, a less successful method is to go it alone in any venture — being an individual in such endeavors — and here there are pitfalls so often overlooked. As an individual there may be the matter of great pride, even false pride, to contend with. As a member of a group at work there is constant interaction, and far beyond the calculations of almost anyone, it is character-building, it is soul-building. So often an individual can become money-or-prestige oriented, whilst the group can keep so inclined group members focused on the task.

“As a group, Jesus’ women apostles were ever so successful in placing themselves and each other firmly upon a path towards perfection by their teaching and through their nurturing of each other and, of course, their caring for the sick and down-trodden of their world. Keep in mind that in those days all women were seen as second-rate citizens by the population at large and especially by the priests, who taxed them relentlessly, but these lady apostles progressed greatly. Incidently, women’s lots could well improve in your society.

“Even though the myriad Christian religions of today owe their longevity to the male apostles, there are two main aspects to consider. It would have been almost impossible for such a female group to live on, find new members or even be remembered as having existed. No wonder the males were more successful, divided as they were in allowing their message about Jesus to survive. Much of it got twisted and altered to suit the old religions of that time. Jesus words, of a loving Creator Father and a God within, were all but lost.

“Christianity of today remains a suitable starting point for the more detailed Correcting Time/Urantia Papers teachings. Finally, should the Master have gone into hiding to prolong His stay on Urantia, it is certain that more of His apostles would have met with a speedier demise, thus endangering Jesus’ vital teachings. That, my curious friends, was a known potential, a clearly foreseen outcome and a looming future reality. Only in the sense that He needed to keep His apostles and students safer for a time, was His death a sacrifice.”

“Group achievement is the very essence of universe business. I go now, but I leave you my love. I am the Damascus Scribe.”

Receiver’s Note: When I first met the Scribe, I “saw” him as a friendly old man, who once wrote hieroglyphs on papyrus scrolls and who had to be quite lost in the 21st century. However, the unassuming celestial is none other than the now Personalised former Thought Adjuster of Joshua ben Joseph when on this earth and of Machiventa Melchizedek when he resided here in Abraham’s time. The Damascus Scribe is from God. He is God. He is Love. Some call Him Lord Sananda.

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