Alabama, US of A, December 6, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Spiritual Career.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “We have earlier spoken about your ‘spiritual career’ with the intent of comparing it to a human professional career, in which a person focuses her efforts in learning more and becoming increasingly better in her profession. The spiritual profession is to become perfect as your Father is perfect. However, it is not an objective of your spiritual career to complete it as fast as possible or to be the first to arrive at the finish line –– it is not a race. In eternity there is no difference between those who reach perfection in one thousand years and those who reach it in ten million years.

“Your progress may sometimes seem slow and sometimes you may feel as if you take two steps forward and one step back. There are those who manage to fuse with their Father Fragment during this life, a notable accomplishment. However, our Father is not a respecter of persons. The spiritual achievements you manage to achieve in this world will provide an advantage on the Mansion World, but this advantage is always relative and temporary. In eternity, John the Baptist and the Pharisees who conspired to murder the Master will be together in perfection, basking in the joy and the glory of being literally in the presence of God. The plan of our Father is eternally just and perfect in such a way that every creature who at some point in time has expressed the sincere desire to find God will find Him and will be received as His perfected son or daughter, with all the rights and honors this entails.

“Your Father has a design for your life and this design represents the better path that you can follow –– the path with the highest joy and real satisfaction. The spiritual career is to be achieved at the individual’s pace, ideally the pace set by your Thought Adjuster to change you from a creature close to the animal level to a being of light and love.

“I am your Thought Adjuster. I chose you, to participate in this adventure as your Teacher and as a part of your being. I am one with your Father, I am what He is. I have placed myself in your hands, under the command of your will. Can you imagine a greater expression of love than this? This is the quality of the love your Father offers you. I know when and where you will be ready to obtain eternal life and no effort or desire on your part can make this happen before the day I have foreseen. However, you can do a lot to postpone the glorious moment in which you and I become one. All I ask is that you offer your will and your collaboration to Me, which is the greatest gift a human being can offer to her Creator. This is the only way in which the Inner Pilot can make a work of divine beauty and eternal perfection from your human clay.”

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