Chicago, US of A, November 21, 2017.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “How Can Urantia Ever Reach Global and Enduring Peace?”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Given the current overall conditions on your world, many are wondering in their hearts: How can Urantia ever reach a global and enduring peace for its inhabitants? The answer is: By becoming dead-set serious about righting its governments’ flaws, correcting their spiritual forgetfulness and by their pressing towards the promotion of human values that will give enduring peace a real chance on your planet. Here are some of the most important issues:

Human Dignity has two aspects: Bestowed dignity and achieved dignity. The former comes from the humans’ origin. As beings created by God they carry the dignity of being children of God. The latter is human dignity predicted by the exercise of free choice that either chooses, or does not, the will of God. By such an exercise they either honor or despise that God -bestowed dignity. Genuine world peace will come from the acknowledgment of your human brotherhood, by which we are all brothers and sisters in the family of God, as well as by the progressive evolution from racial immaturity that feeds on conflicts to racial enlightenment that recognizes God’s fatherhood for all.

Human Solidarity besides being a caring affection for all human beings it also speaks about all humans uniting by experiencing this loving feeling for each other. Enduring peace will flourish on Urantia when human solidarity will be a cultural value in its societies as a result of a higher spiritual enlightenment from the ministry of successive epochal bestowals of the Sons of God already scheduled to visit your planet. This will culminate in the Era of Light and Life, a time still far away from your current spiritual stage on Urantia. Today’s human solidarity on Urantia is still embryo-like, sponsored by peace-loving individuals, groups and movements, those involved in philanthropic projects, poverty relief efforts and general social assistance. However, days will come when solidarity will grow robust to make wars totally obsolete for it is incompatible with those loving and caring feelings of those highly spiritualized Urantians.

Human Unity is the result of the effectual attainment of the already-mentioned conditions. Urantia embarked, after the Lucifer Rebellion, on a disastrous course of licentious self-determination of its still immature racial factions installing a deeply rooted multi-faceted separatism which complete eradication will still take considerable time. Human Unity will spring on Urantia as a planetary reality when there will be one language, one blended race, one planetary government and one coordinated and fair global economy. Unfortunately, global unity efforts on Urantia are yet only meager efforts, still holding back to greed, power, as well as racial and nationalistic pride. Peace requires true unity — spiritual in kind — if it is to last for the generations to come.

“Never on your world was peace treated with such total disregard, considering the high stakes at play, as the current possibility of a nuclear conflict that can easily escalate to global proportions. Stop the madness! Come to your senses. Abandon your nationalistic arrogance and walk towards understanding, dialogue and negotiation. Such a war now will retard your social development for centuries, while on the other hand peace is a promise for progress and well-being of Urantia for the centuries ahead. Make human dignity, solidarity and global unity the goals of your planetary advancement, based on the acknowledgment and good use of your spiritual endowments as children of the One God, our Universal Father. I am Prolotheos.”

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