Urantia, September 29, 2012.
Teacher: A Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “The Spark of Life (and receiving messages)” -- Part One.

Received by Lytske.

Mentori Spokesperson: “…as I now have your undivided attention, we shall impart a most important message; one which is still shrouded in mystery for a great many people on this planet. To begin with, we shall use the following statement: ‘Spirit energy, as does spirit gravity lives and moves in and through everything, for without it there would be no life to either evolve or express itself.’

“We have been observing and learning that some of the supposedly brighter scientific minds on this planet are entertaining thoughts of disproving the existence of God – the Creator of everything. How shallow and narrow-minded does one need to be, and what misuse of precious God-given minds exists, to even entertain such thoughts! Time would be far better spent in unraveling the mystery of how spirit moves through everything to give life and to express itself. In matters of spirit there exists a Source-Mind, which planned and created all of the presently visible out of the invisible, to then put everything in motion during the unfathomable past.

“The limited mind of mortal man cannot begin to conceive of these processes. The ill-conceived plan instigated by narrow human minds is designed to prove the non-existence of God, by denying the existence of everything from before the beginning of time and space? Are you all to deny what has been upheld for eons of time by the grace of the Creator – the First Source and Center of everything – who plans and creates and has set in motion that which has become visible to your eyes? The more refined and more advanced and far-seeing your instruments of observation become, the more you will be able to discover. And then to think that everything is just all random!

“It has to be a creative person realize and accept that a plan needs to be worked out in order for it to be activated, even though that plan has in most cases been quietly ripening in the deep recesses of the mind before it finds its way into the light of day. Also, we desire for you to give some thought to the important subject of wherefrom this thought originates. Whatever proceeds from the human mind, at best compares to only a dim reflection of the Great Mind which feeds insights into the human mind, which proves itself fertile enough to receive.

“Incidentally, a human mind which strives to be a pure receiver of higher thoughts, needs to also strive for clean living, so this mind can operate at peak efficiency as the quality of reception will depend on the purity and cleanliness of the connection.”

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