Urantia, August 2, 2013 (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Giant Mirror.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Let us pause for a moment so you can be well-prepared for the words that need to be said. Our subject for today is almost unknown on this planet and hardly ever explored, unless it is discussed by those who have had a near death experience. On those occasions it is merely their story and no one else’s. This is a very important subject to give some thoughts to as this moment is awaiting each one – the ‘closure of the door’ to mortal life when the physical temple is left behind.

“This is the moment when the spirit-soul emerges from its mortal habiliments and is transported by a Transport Angel to the first mansion world where in due time the resurrection will occur. The time between mortal death and resurrection is of no consequence as this is decided upon by the Judges on High, depending solely upon one’s spiritual attainment.

“The intervening period can be likened to the longer or shorter sleep of death, during which nothing is either gained or lost. The duration of sleep depends on what kind of life the mortal had in the flesh – whether or not some thoughts had been given to eternity and the Creator who gave him or her that mortal life. The responsibility lies with each human to make the decision to become immortal.

“By God’s Grace and Mercy everyone is allowed to make that decision for him or her self. No one is ever coerced. Therefore it all depends on whether the mortal has established a living connection with the Spark from God within, which inhabits all thinking humans on this planet as a Pilot Guide, given to you when you made your first moral decision as a small child. You are then given the choice to turn within and listen to your Pilot’s Guidance.

“About our subject of the Giant Mirror; this is a symbolism that describes what happens after your resurrection, when slowly your memories come back and you are confronted with those memories as if surfacing on a giant mirror. In looking at those memories of events you will see what you accomplished, what could have been done better, and what you might have neglected to do. So you see that this giant mirror acts in a summing up of the life you have lived in the mortal estate.

“Following this, plans will be formulated for self-correction and what you would like to pursue in the morontia estate to become increasingly more perfect, as this new life is the second step in the ascension journey to Paradise. There are innumerable Teachers and Helpers to help you on your way, but everything you will learn is adjusted according your spiritual development so far.

“And, yes, you will be able to meet up with those who have gone on before you, and they may also be able to help and direct you depending of course on their spiritual status. Perfection is part of your life-plan which comprises the divine blueprint you were born with on earth.

“God is good all the time, never mind the erroneous belief systems you have been raised in, as these were simply the scaffolding, and are piece by piece falling away when greater truth is slowly dawning on you, for learning never stops. Give these important matters some thought and make attempts to ‘unfog’ your mirror whilst still in the flesh. Endeavor to make friends with your Pilot Light within and establish a firm connection.”

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