Alabama, US of A, March 21, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Art of Living.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “There is a difference in doing the things you need to do to live in this world, and in doing the things to get what others tell you, you need. The former involves necessary actions and represent time well invested. The latter is simply a waste of time and the results obtained won’t bring you any closer to your spiritual goal. An excess in both categories can cause temporal or permanent damage to your physical, mental or even your spiritual well-being.

“A balanced life is where you do what needs to be done to live, while preparing for the next phase of your existence is most advisable. Absolute spirituality is not advisable during material life. Your physical needs must be attended to, as well as your duties to humankind. You must study, work, collaborate and do for your neighbors what you would have them do for you, while you explore the spiritual side of life. Similarly, a life dedicated exclusively to material things will lack orientation and purpose, like walking blindfolded, unable to reach any destination.

“The game of life requires equilibrium, balance, avoiding excesses in all areas of life. It is the art of cultivating a balanced personality. It is having your sights set upon the realities of heaven while having your feet firmly planted on the earth. It is living in this world without being of this world.

“Practice this balance daily. Lighten the loads of work with the relaxation of a well deserved repose, without letting the pleasure of rest take away your desire to be useful. Consume what your body needs, choosing the best foods without giving in to excesses. Keep the momentum of your spiritual advancement without falling into paralyzing fanaticism. This is the way to cultivate the grace of personality that is exhibited by those who have mastered the art of living in the world while walking towards eternity.

“Jesus is the living example of this discipline. His personality was so powerfully attractive to his peers because he was truly a man among men, someone who had really lived and knew the human challenges and anguishes, but at the same time He had discovered the path to the Father, reflecting an image of this path to others. He illustrated in an original way how any human being can reach the heights of spiritual life in living his or her own life, in his or her own environment and with his or her own resources.

“Those who inspire us the most don’t do it by showing their superiority or special attributes. Human beings are best motivated when they see how one of their peers can achieve great things using the same resources and the same abilities that all posses. This, light workers, is what our Father desires from you. Become living examples of lives consecrated to the will of God so your neighbors will know this is possible right here on Earth by being just as you are, and by using that which you have already been given.”

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