Urantia, March 10, 2014.
Teacher: Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “No Hiatus Ever.”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “The connection between the Almighty Creator and mortals suffers no hiatus, no let-up, or break-down, as you are all inexplicably bound to the Source of all life through unconditional love and an all-pervading energy. Only the creatures on your planet have accepted the erroneous idea that they are separate from God. How then is it possible that creation, through the method of evolution, continues to energetically and unabated be directed through all of endless space from that Almighty Being on Paradise?

“Energy moves at God’s command, and once that command was given in the mists of the eternal past, it remained and will remain, unstoppable. To that effect all of known creation sprang into being by fiat of the Creator. God remains ever the Thought, whilst the Eternal Son is the Word and the Infinite Spirit is the Action. Due to the combined action of the Trinity, space and time had its origin, satisfying the unstoppable energy that keeps pouring forth from Paradise. God simply wished for an outlet for His creativity through the method of evolution, and as the Trinity, They allowed everything to unfold per Their design, which is absolutely endless.

“Compare this stupendous act to your personal ideas of creating something. Once the flow of thoughts to create starts, it becomes unstoppable, unless it is being stopped by your free will, or for whatever reason. Think of how many likely possibilities there are in each thinking person, and then stop for a moment to consider: ‘Wherefrom arrive these ideas and this inspiration?’ These potentials, my friends were all embedded in you at conception, you simply can have no idea about what humans are capable of.

“From a celestial viewpoint it is almost laughable how creatures dare to meddle and improve on God’s plans in negative ways. God-given minds can be put to better use by working on prevention of the man-made illnesses for which unthinking humanity tends to blame God. The Life-Carriers initiated the perfect plans for evolution on this planet, but ever since the Lucifer rebellion things have gone awry, and this negativity has persisted for well over 200.000 years.

“It was a travesty indeed that by the hands of some unfeeling and greedy humans the Creator and Ruler of this wonderful universe was without fair judgment nailed to a cross some 2000 years ago. Since then, things have steadily gone from bad to worse. This wonderful blue little garden orb in space is slipping further behind, due to the acts and increasing greed of some humans. However, the darkening atmosphere on this planet will no longer be permitted to continue, therefore the Time of Correction has been instituted from on High, and the adjustment will be unstoppable.

“The very last garment for any human being has no pockets for taking material possessions along into eternal life. All humans shall have to account for their conduct and deeds, and I inform you all that eternity stretches into infinity. Every thought and action has an unbroken link to the Creator. Nothing of import has ever gone by the wayside. There never has been, nor will there ever be, a hiatus between Creator and created.”

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“Open your eyes, my friends, and get to know your environment.
Now close them, and comprehend the universe.”
– Athena, a Celestial Artisan.

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