Michigan, US of A, April 20, 2014.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “The Fact of Eternal Life”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today, my dear friends, we would like to make known to you the fact of Eternal Life as it is offered to all people on the earth who desire to journey on in the worlds of light, to live the unending adventure of growth, progress, and perfection, to be astonished by the truth, beauty, and goodness of the Divine Creative, to experience levels of Divine Love so inexplicably sublime and unknown to you in this life, to be in an unending quest for the totality of the Creator that infinitely unfolds the mysteries of the multiverse for his children to share in, enjoy, and experience as they become god-like themselves. This is what awaits you, my dear friends. What better faith builder could you have than to understand the fact of eternal life!

“Other than taking me at my word, how do you know this to be fact? You all have the Indwelling Spirit of God within you and if you slow down and sit with this question, ‘is life eternal?’ the Spirit will make known to you this very fact. You will ‘feel it’ within you – that this life that you have now is not the end of you, for you will feel the drawing power of eternity pull at your soul and give you that ‘nudge’ of assurance that you, as a personality, an identity of unique being, will continue on after the dissolution of your physical body. But ‘why’ you may ask, is this so? It is because the Creator desires it, for you are the experiential children of a Creator who desires to have ‘all experience.’

“You are the sensors – the eyes, the mouth, the hands, the feet, the expression of the Creator on the worlds, levels, and dimensions of the universes. You ARE experience! And because you are the ‘experiencer’ you are to be loved and nurtured and given all opportunities to progress and become perfected – to become creators in your own right – to experience greater and more sublime adventures that unfold as you raise your vibration higher and higher to experience those astonishing levels of creation and administrative triumphs that were designed for you to master. My dear friends, when my associates and I think about these things I have stated to you, we break out in joyous anticipation and worship God for the things that are yet to be revealed to us, for we are alive in the worlds of light and yet we are only just beginning our astonishing journey and only just experiencing the power of divine love that enshrouds us, teaches us, and compels us to reach higher and to know more of Him, the Universal Father.

“Your greatest example for the assurance of eternal life is the fact of the Master’s resurrection when He, Jesus, was raised from the death of the flesh, to the life of the resurrection. This was done for you so that you would believe and know that life does not end here and that there is a continuity of identity and personality. The Master’s resurrected body (the morontia body) is the same type of body you will have on the mansion worlds – incorruptible, beautiful, and designed for the sojourns of life in the worlds of light! Do you not understand how incredibly blessed you are – that you have all this before you? Rejoice! Lift your hands up and shout out with joy and gratitude for being a child of this beneficent Creator, for He shares all of creation with you!

“Live each day with the Fact of Eternity in your mind and your whole life and attitude toward others will change and become more beautiful and loving. See each person you meet or know as your brother or sister and know that you are all headed for the embrace of finality – to stand in the presence of the Creator on paradise as a perfected being and to go on into the unending adventure of the sublime vistas of infinity.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

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are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” - Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

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