Urantia, April 24, 2014 – date of transcription.
Teacher: Spirit-Self.
Subject: “Inner Joy.”

Received by Lytske.

Spirit-Self: “When I requested for you to take dictation, you asked Me if you could remain in the Silence a little longer, because you felt this deep inner joy My presence brings you. Dear one, I am totally delighted with your request, and I will honor such at any time, as this is a sure sign of progress in the human soul.

“It is wonderful when a trusting child would rather stay with a parent than go out to play. On the one hand this shows a certain hunger for company, on the other hand he or she feels totally comfortable and trusting in the presence of one who invokes such deep joy that one prefers to stay ‘just a little longer’.

“These signs of soul progress are a cause for celebration in the spiritual realms. You will come to navigate these realms after you have shed your mortal habiliments, just like when something in a pupa stirs to life and a gorgeous butterfly emerges. You can hardly imagine what a joy this is for the celestial onlookers who marvel at what sort of butterfly will emerge from its pupa when the newly born soul emerges at its resurrection into the light of the mansion worlds.

“Great is the celebration by the throngs of onlookers when a spirit-soul arrives from the evolutionary worlds, especially from such a disordered world like Urantia. It is always amazing to them when a newcomer has managed to nurture and grow their soul on such worlds in space. On some worlds the journey is much easier, but on your planet the journey is so very difficult indeed with all those confusing belief systems.

“It would be so much easier if little children were allowed to develop their trust in the eternal Creator God under the guidance and example of stable parenthood, rather than having an adult religion being spoon-fed to them. Children are by their nature very trusting and they can readily accept a Creator, who loves them so very deeply with an abiding affection – one who accepts them unconditionally. Such children will happily grow up with a deep trust and joy in their hearts, as their minds are as yet unsullied by negativity, for negativity is so common in the superstitions which abound in your religions with all their do's and dont's.

“True spirituality is wholly uncomplicated. It is mankind which over time has complicated matters to such an extend that mortals have a hard time discovering the simple truth that the Creator God loves them unconditionally, and that each one can develop a personal relationship with the God of their being, so a deep inner joy begins to grow with the trust that all is well.

“All it takes is for one to be willing to set apart some time each day and to consciously be in the presence of the vital Spark from God, and to imbibe of that inner joy, which is so soul nurturing and satisfying. This experiential realization can be had by anyone making the effort. Such can result in a deep inner joy, which makes life worth living, and surely more interesting.”

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Now close them, and comprehend the universe.”
– Athena, Celestial Artisan.

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