Illawarra District, Australia, April 25, 2014.
Primary Midwayer, Andrea.
Subject: “Being Prepared, Daring.”

Received by George Barnard.

Andrea: “Movements not unlike the Correcting Time have forever and a summer holiday been known in the time-space universes. Even on our Urantia there have been major drives by both humans and celestials to instill more spirituality into the populace – mortal, and yes, even Angelic – often resulting in the birth of a new religion. This is Midwayer Andrea. It’s good to be with you both.

“Evolution is a slow process with unexpected hurdles, as well as unforeseen blue skies, ‘a having a free ride’, or strong tailwinds. Mostly it adds up to a lot of hard work for slow-to-mature humans, ever-patient Angels, and long-suffering Midwayers. This time it is different, however. Prince Machiventa is in charge, and some common universe rules may be bent, eased, discarded. As well, it is Michael’s mandate that all Correcting Time efforts shall proceed for whatever time it takes, until the dawning of Light and Life.

“More and more men will discern blood brothers in complete strangers. More and more women will count as sisters those of different skin tones, and those of far-away nations. More and more individuals will strike up friendships with Angels and Midwayers, Teachers and Healers of body and mind, spirit and soul. And over the years and decades there will be noted a subtle shift in the ways and means by which your celestial transmissions come about. Do I now perceive a decided awakening in your idle mind, my dear friend?

“Indeed, I do! Many a priest, as you well know, will meditate or pray at length before writing a sermon. Does that man or woman preacher have contact with a celestial Teacher? Perhaps, perhaps not. Does that cleric engage in any spiritual communication at all? Possibly, and then again, maybe not. The mere fact, however, that this method is recommended to most if not all student clerics would indicate that much success can be obtained in ‘making heaven display’ its endless love, its ultimate truth, radiant beauty and infinite good.

“I want you to understand that we prefer for you to be conversant with all manner of communication, from word-for-word dictation to your being given multiple concepts and expressing these in your own words; from reporting that which you clearly be it fleetingly view, to your deciding on your subject, and allowing whichever Teacher most knowledgeable to step forward and do the honors. Work in with us here, to gain untold (universe) credits by being prepared, daring, and showing your love and respect for both Teachers and new methods.

“In this way, my dear student, you will become thoroughly conversant with some of the many communication methods on high, indeed, to the point of clearly and intuitively reading, feeling and comprehending all your loved ones’ minds – such valuable experiences!

“This is Andrea. Thank you my dear friends, and Adieu for now.”

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