Alabama, US of A, December 8, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Wisdom”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “Any study about wisdom will be incomplete if the presence of God within human beings is not considered. Since the very beginning, both religion and society have valued wisdom and extolled its attributes and benefits to the group. Throughout history human beings have always searched for a ‘recipe’ to achieve wisdom, and to basically learn to think in a more productive way that would bring personal and collective improvement.

“The attributes of wisdom have much been defined and re-defined, many times being corrupted depending on the intellectual and spiritual level of a particular period in history. Some features, which at a particular time are considered appropriate for wisdom and intelligence, are at other times severely criticized or completely ignored.

“In a few words, wisdom is the ability of men and women to use their resources -- physical, intellectual, and spiritual -- to live in this world while preparing for life in the next. The results of a life lived in this fashion are evident in those who live such lives. In this definition of wisdom there is no mention of intelligence (IQ), or the social or financial status of the individual. Often people thought to be ‘important’ due to their careers or influence, are thought to be wise. When judging the value assigned by society to these individuals you should always ask, ‘How have they prepared for their lives in the next world? What have been their contributions to eternity?’

“This simple definition of wisdom clearly illustrates where effort should be invested during a human life. Wisdom helps us to live in this world. Human beings should learn how to adapt to their environment and live in a way that preserves their physical existence and emotional balance. A life limited to survival is not a life of wisdom. The time dedicated to work, and contribution to society, must be balanced with time for enjoyment, to stop for a while and contemplate the road traveled and make decisions about the future. The efforts for survival should be mitigated by the contemplation of existence, knowing that there is a reason for the sacrifices and there is a purpose for what we do.

“It is during these times of contemplation that the second aspect of wisdom can begin to be explored: to prepare for life in the next worlds. Human beings enjoy the presence of God within their being. Life on this world is only a step on the long path to eternity. However, it is an important step that will be the empirical foundation for the activities of the future. If humans shortsightedly choose to dedicate their lives to the physical, a great opportunity that will not be repeated, is wasted. A life lived this way would be like a dream that is forgotten upon awakening -- just wasted time. Living with wisdom is taking advantage of the experiences life daily offers to build a new, higher, brilliant and truer being from the present human embryo.

“Living with wisdom is living with one’s feet firmly on the ground and one’s sights steadily on celestial realities. Like Michael said, ‘It is living in this world without being of this world.’ A life of wisdom is a life that is really enjoyed, because the things that to some are troubles or obstacles upon the road, are opportunities sent from heaven to the wise. Wisdom in the end is a refreshing, original and courageous way to see life, which is stimulating and attractive to those who have the chance to witness a life wisely lived.”

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